[NEW] RawLife RP | QBCore | Custom Vehicles, Scripts, EUP & Much More| Recruiting LEO, EMS & CIV | 16+| 50K

Welcome to RawLife Roleplay, We are pleased to inform you that we are recruiting people to join us and take on a new adventure, We are a community that has recently launched, from past experiences in managing communities we aim to provide the best environment for players to enjoy and play on. Our goals are to exceed the roleplay limits and make this something special for you the players, We have a limited selection of departments to ensure the smoothness in the community.

                                  What we offer

:white_check_mark: A Friendly & Safe Environment To Be In.

:white_check_mark: Unique Gameplay Features.

:white_check_mark: Small But Active Community.

:white_check_mark: Friendly & Active Staff and Support.

:white_check_mark: Regular Events and Updates.

:white_check_mark: Immersive Roleplaying Experience.

:white_check_mark: Everbody Is Welcome & Everybody Has A Voice In The Community.

                              Fivem Server Features

:dollar: 50K Start [25K For Every Person You Invite]

:policeman: Custom Uniforms for Emergency Services.

:man_dancing: Custom Clothing For Civilians.

:oncoming_police_car: High Quality Emergency Vehicles.

:oncoming_automobile: High Quality Civilian Vehicles

:computer: CAD/MDT System

:department_store: Private Business/Companies

:slot_machine: Casino & Crypto

:factory_worker: More Jobs

:balance_scale: Legal System

:bomb: Gangs, Blackmarked, Territory Control

:bulb: Limitless Creativity

                                   Connect with us

:small_orange_diamond: Our Website : N/A

:small_orange_diamond: Our Discord : Join The Discord

                           Our Administration Team

:small_orange_diamond: Hadi Raid - Founder

:small_orange_diamond: N/A - Community Manager

:small_orange_diamond: Onelz - Head of Administartion

                              Additional information
  • If you are serious about wanting to join the community visit the Discord and apply.

Looking forward to seeing you in the community!

RawLife Roleplay

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I played on this server today, it was awesome. Started out as a delivery guy making a decent bit of money.

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