New player looking for 18+ friendly server

I’ve played a bit of gta v but not in a while and never tried a roleplay server before so I’m pretty much looking for a home where I can meet some friends and have a laugh while learning. Possibly with some kind of job system as I’m not too sure about the crime side of things straight away. From the UK but not worried about time zones.

will need help with text commands and etiquette.
Also have a small YouTube channel and interested in uploading shenanigans.

cheers in advance.

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Hey brotherman, we are looking for a few new members to top off our server. Right now we are getting consistently 18 people on each night. Pretty tight nit community, everyone who joins we certainly get to know. Chat all day in discords leading up the shenanigans. Most this is there first RP server so everyones learning together. Very positive experience The only issue for you may be the server times. Our servers are closed on Tuesday and Thursdays for devving and it is only open from 6pm EST to 2am EST. If you are interested take a look at our post:

Take a Look at our growing Community

going to bump this as I am trying again to get into rp. Kinda falied last time around(bottled it) so going to try once more. any help/suggestions appreciated.

Come try out Evolve on the below link,

been a while and going to bump this, got whitelisted for 2 really great servers but as i ended up leaving after a while and giving up I can’t remember the server names or discords as I uninstalled a few things.

Gonna try again so if anyone still wants me would love to join. ty in advance

Hey! Hit me up on discord to chat! We’ve got a Great Server!


Hello! Why don’t you check out Core Roleplay? :smile:
Core Roleplay is a friendly, serious, and economy driven roleplay community. Our goal is to have a fun and immersive environment for all of our players, with rich character stories and enjoyable features. Core is a whitelisted server, however, for a holiday season we decided to make it discord whitelisted to give opportunities to many new players! :heart:
We have an active development team that strives to create a unique experience and a dedicated staff that bring years of experience from all types of backgrounds and games.

Our Favorite Features:
Stable Infinity Server
Realistic Economy Balancing
Realistic Vehicle Handling
Character Customisation with Custom Features
Player Owned Houses and Businesses
Custom Vehicles & Liveries
Custom Legal & Illegal Jobs
Special Whitelisted Jobs
Hidden Illegal Activities
Robberies & Heists
Financing For Houses, Businesses, and Cars!
Optimised Coding
…and more!

Come join our discord if you’re interested!
Our forum: Core Roleplay | Serious RP | Realistic Economy |

Above Limits Roleplay
No need for a long dialogue… I will cut the shit and keep it sweet

Dream it: when you join a server that emphasizes your passion to the car scene, you want to be able to share your truest passions with everyone, you want your passion to be true to be lit to be uniquely built. You have now Dreamt it.

Now let’s Build it:
ALRP wants you to have all the tools you need to build your car the way you want, the way you like, the way you dreamt it up and we give you that to create it all your way. We have built our server from the ground up around full interaction with your vehicles. All the features we have for you car lovers :
• Working Odometers (mileage tracking with wear and tear on performance over time)

• Vehicle Upgrades/cosmetics affect handling and performance (spoilers , tires , etc)

• Tuning : take your ride to a whole new level with our new tuning process we took the idea of the tuning chip and we built something way more interactive and meaningful we allowed you to redefine your car entirely from boost to traction to gear timing , to gears , torque , to cornering , springs , ride height and much more in hind sight you can build a sweet drift car or a street car or track or even a fucking drag beast !!! Your choice !

… and more

Now that you have dreamt up your car,
Now that you have took your passion earned the money and built your masterpiece you now want to tests it’s capabilities

We have race tracks , drag strips , drift courses and tournaments we have time attacks and car meets and ride outs and auctions and anything you can think of to compete …

There’s many more features but we want you to see for yourself!:checkered_flag::racing_car::dash:

May have what you’re looking for, check us out at or add me Thomas S.#6113

Join the best join yeetliferp! Plus if your happy with server we are looking for uk players to build that time zone more

bump, on the search again, learning i find it hard to initiate rp scenarios or even find them :stuck_out_tongue:


DM Me on Discord to chat! NoahArzi#9160

My Name is Cody Sanders I been doing this for 7 years and ran multiple departments I want to make a department better and understand the life of an LEO discord is Cody Sanders#7125

im looking for a community that need a department head for leo

just gonna add that stated I was from the uk so alot of my time played will b est -5 i think. This seems to be causing issues with things like obtaining licences etc. To add I also said that I am not very out going and part of the reason for doing this is to find new friends and push myself to interact :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! :wave:
Make sure to check out LSPDRP. We are a noob friendly RP community and i am sure that our members will help you as much as they can.

Link: ✅ 16+ | PVE | Co-op | Beta | Custom EUP | LSPDRP is looking for Staff, Beta Testers, LEO's and Department Heads!