New player both pc and redm status?

so im an exclusive rdr2/o console player but never encountered this RedM standalone server stuff until today and WOW AM I IMPRESSED WITH YOU ALL WHO MAKE THESE SERVERS. i got wet pants just from a couple clips. something that rockstar has still yet to do for me, they seem to only kick me in the balls.

im all in! or at least i want to be. i understand that something happend with an API tweak a while back and i read “new players cant happen anymore” if i understand correctly, if i had bought the game on PC before this api tweak, i could have participated in RedM? now apparently i cant even if i buy the pc version today? could someone fill me in on how i can get into redm today as a player who hasnt bought the pc version (but will if it will work for redm) and wants to play. am i SOL? even if i buy the game for pc now? did i have to have bought it before the API tweak?

You need to buy RDR2 PC Version, and then download RDR2, then you need to download RedM through this website:

After that you can go ahead and play any type of server.