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Are you tired of economy servers that make you grind for everything you want?
Here at Paradise Roleplay, we believe that you should be able to do whatever it is that makes servers fun; working a 9-5 job online to buy a virtual Honda isn’t it.


My number one goal is to create a community where people can feel like they’re home.
I don’t want people to feel only welcomed, but I also want them to feel like they’ve found their new place here. VPS hosted and integrated with One-Sync, it is our commitment and dedication in making our community thrive.


Founded/created by nights, a lone developer who has spent the last three months non-stop putting together the most fun, action-packed entertainment game play that would put any FiveM player into a trance. I can make this personal promise to each of our members; you’ve never seen anything like it.


Our goal is to provide to you something you’ve never experienced in a FiveM community server. Upon logging into our server, you will see that it is very much different from any other you’ve been apart of before. From the moment you log in to the moment you get off, there will always be something new for you to experience! With daily developer updates, over 400 added cars, countless maps, and so much more; you will never get bored with us!


With over 150+ LEO/Fire/EMS Vehicles to choose from, your options are never limited.
From Mobile Command Centers to Police Mavericks and Fire Chief Tahoe’s; gain access to most Cadet/Probationary and Deputy vehicles instantly with our fast-tracking applications!

Tell us your interested, get trained, and get on duty! Each department we offer have a chief ready to train and hire on the spot:

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas State Patrol
  • Los Santos & Blaine County Fire/EMS Departments
  • U.S. Marshal

We also offer jobs in:

  • Mechanical: with 5 custom dealerships to choose from! Including an all-new revamped Simeon’s Dealership.

  • Helper Role: This will be our gateway to Moderator roles. If you’re interested in becoming a Moderator but still wish to serve the community and help, this will be for you!


This community server was created less then a month ago, and was only publicly released yesterday. Please bear with us as things move forward and changes are made. Our main goal as of now is to maintain a stable, trustworthy staff team that will help me as we continue to move forward.

If you’re interested in being apart of the team, contact nights#0001 via Discord.

As I am a lone developer, I could use some help. If you have the experience, tap in!

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you there!

Our Official Discord Invite Link: Click Here
Our Cinematic Trailer: https://youtu.be/gjIwDjfYjQs

For direct access to our FiveM Server.
Press F8, and type:

“connect paradiseroleplay.play-fivem.live” or “connect paradiserp.play-fivem.live”

Screenshots will be added below.


A few of our High Command vehicles, available to our Lieutenants+

hellcatgif mustang


Do you love cars?
So do we.

Drift pack vehicles are live! Here’s a couple sneak peeks:

180sx silvia

The best server in five M hands down. Realistic map changes and vehicles are awesome. Everything about this server is amazing I love it make sure you join it. Well worth joining you’ll never want to leave!!


The Official Paradise Roleplay cinematic trailer has been released!

Take a sneak peak at what we have to offer with our virtual visit:

“Into the Jungle” by Ryse Lao.

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Our Discord invite link has been updated. Join in on the fun today!

Hey Paradise Roleplayers!

Countless updates and changes have been made. Be sure to drop by soon and see what’s in store.

Our public beta launch is being scheduled this week, so don’t miss out!

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Awesome server!! Friendly and Mature Staff Members! Always willing to help even if your question or issue is a little frustrating. The owner is a very respectable and mature guy who listens to your suggestions/concerns and takes them very seriously! 11/10 Recommended Server!!


Trainings will be held all day for new recruits.
Join the force and get on duty today!

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This server is really awesome I love it! A bunch of car options and also jobs. I really enjoy playing this server but we need more people to join to boost this experience. Make sure to join there discord and join the experienced with me and everyone else! I rate this a 12/10

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Amazing community, From the owner to the members who build up the server it is one of the best I’ve been in. They offer so much and are very welcoming and will do their best to make sure you enjoy being around there. The owner and the admins are amazing and work very hard, I recommend this server 100% 10/10.

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dude i just started playing on the server awesome mods and applications are simple and easy love your work keep it up! i rate it a 10/10

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Great server with great people. The server owner, and staff are very dedicated to creating the best experience they can for their community.

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Been on the server a good bit has an amazing community very nice staff team always adding new and improve stuff within the server so the server is never boring i always amused with the amazing server amazing cars the role play experience has been incredible no lag in the server the frames are smoother than butter 10/10 will recommend i will be on tonight to have some good fun

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The best server I have been in. It has the best community and staffs who DONT abuse power unlike in other servers. I have never seen any better server in fivem. I would really recommend this server to everyone who wants a good time and a real roleplay experience. An absolute 10 out of 10 server.

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i really like the server :smiley: 10/10

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Paradise Roleplay is looking to expand their Staff Team.

Become active, contributing team members of our community fast!

I will be conducting interviews in our Discord’s voice channel, let me know if you’re interested.

Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/uPtaWde


  • Must be 16+ years old.

  • Prior experience is recommended.

  • You must be kind and respectable. We maintain a friendly and open minded environment so that the entire community can enjoy all that it has to offer.

  • Must be available for at least 3 days out of the week for moderation.
    Days are not scheduled, and we do not make rotations.
    The goal is to have at least one available staff team member at all times.

Positions Available

  • Administrative

  • Moderators

  • Management

If you’re interested in joining our Developmental team:

Contact nights#0001 with your experience and what you have to offer.

Thank you,

Paradise Roleplay