[New] [Opening Soon] Hardlife roleplay, recruiting Staff and Police Command

Hey, everyone. Hardlife Roleplay is a brand new Whitelisted ESX FiveM community accepting only the best of the best Rpers.

We set standards high across the board, and you can be assured a fail-rp free experience.

We operate a Realistic economy, based on real-world cost of living.

The server will be extremely optimized for the potatoes PC’s, all core scripts will be rewritten to standard. Within our development area, we have Professional Game Developers, Qualified Web Developers, and an array of asset’s to give you the best experience possible.
At Hardlife, there is no limit on what we can achieve.

We are searching for a number of positions, including;
1x SAFD Chief + SAFD High Command
LSPD Supervisors

You can join the server via this link. Hardlife Roleplay

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bump! This is a gonna be a great community!

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Bump! Looking for a Head of Staff Management and a Fire Chief. Also in need of High Command for LSPD & BCSO. Launch date is Dec.3rd

Discord link doesnt work

The link works fine. Enter it in Discord. discord.gg/q5kgKmnem8

bump, our ESX server will be open on December 3rd! Join today!

Bump! BCSO is now hiring, we need high command members.

Looking for active Staff Members!

The LSPD and BCSO are in a completion state! With a array of resource’s such as speed radars, evidence from gun shots and vehicles, and local crime alerts. We are on schedule for launch!

Opening’s in High Staff Positions! Join now to apply before they fill up! Hardlife Roleplay

Announcement from Discord

"Just a quick update as it’s been a while.
Development is going well, we have completed the Police Module’s and made major progress on crime and civilian things.
I also went ahead and optimised the 5 highest resource usage script’s, in order to reduce the CPU usage of the server to live up to the “potatoes can run” name.

For criminals, most of the map is robbable. The banks, jewel store, convenience store’s, have all been set up for robberies. We also have a drugs system with 8 different type’s of craftable drugs.

We are nearing launch date, and while we are developing well, we need to build a community for launch! If possible, please invite your friend’s to the server. We are also in need of Staff Member’s, you can find the application in applications.

Additionally, donating in #help-fund-the-server does really help a lot. It mean’s we can invest in buying new script’s, map’s, and car packs to help improve the experience.

We have also updated the rules, found in #server-rules. Please read those as soon as possible."

Bump! We are very close to launch! Everything is going perfectly, and we are ahead of Development Schedule. Launch on December 3rd! Join now! Hardlife Roleplay

Hardlife Open’s this Friday! We have amazing custom script’s you won’t see anywhere else and we fully utilize AI to provide a much more immersive experience! Join up!