[NEW] OldTimersRP | Serious RP | British Based | QB-Core | Welcoming Community.

Welcome to OldTimersRP

Here at OldtimersRP we strive to respond to all community feedback. Therefore making the server around the players. This has given our community a chance to shape the server into what it has become today!
There is not much we can say here to make you decide to join us. But we can show you!

PS: Video creation skills need working on :rofl:

Website and Discord link!


10/10 server. defo the new daily!

Great City! everyone is very welcoming, and staff are very helpful! would recommend anyone to join!

Staff crack down on issues instantly! Good city and a friendly community. Defo recommend :smiley::+1:!

Nice city, Great staff and friendly community, definitely worth a look!

10/10 the community is amazing the RP is so good would 100% Recommend

Server has some very cool scripts / Cars. Staff and community are very friendly and welcoming also! check it out

The server is great, staff are amazing and friendly 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND