[NEW] North Woods Roleplay | Serious RP | SA Based | Hiring Staff/LEO/SAFR | Custom Cars | Custom EUP/Liveries

North Woods Roleplay

What is North Woods Roleplay?

NWRP is a public FiveM vMenu based server. This is a new server that has vast amounts of potential with experienced management/players within it. If you’re into a serious and fun RP experience, feel free to join and have a great time!

We have various departments, including:

  • San Andreas State Troopers :police_car:
  • Fire Department :fire_engine:
  • EMS :ambulance:
  • and much more coming!

What are we looking for

  • San Andreas Fire/EMS Dept
  • Department High Command
  • Staff Members
  • Civilians
  • Law Enforcement Officers (Sub Division Heads, HC)

What Makes NWRP Unique?

  • Custom EUP and Liveries
  • Stress free relaxed environment
  • An amazing, diverse, kind staff that treats situations fairly
  • Developers that actively add/create new resources
  • Mature and professional leadership

Server Information



Just launched today! Come check us out and join the community.

Check out our promo video below.
Promo Video

Great server, helpful staff

Hiring STAFF-LEO-SAFR join the discord and check us out! DISCORD



Join NWRP today!

SAST is hiring, come join early and help grow the department

Also hiring for Staff and San Andres Fire Rescue

Bump! check the tiktoks while you’re at it.

The name has been changed to “Northern Woods Roleplay”, post wouldn’t let edits to be happen.

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Come check us out and get some great RP going!


Bump! Roleplay starting in around 2 hours! make sure to join up!

We are now accepting applications for SAST Commissioner, please join the discord and DM J.Marston for it

We are still hiring LEO, STAFF and SAN ANDREAS FIRE RESCUE.

Come join us today and see what we can offer!


SAST is holding open interviews for 1 week! Starting today and ending next week friday. We are looking for strong individuals to help build and lead the department. Join the discord and go to the interview request channel.


Just hit 50 members! Come check us out, Active LEO, Active SAFR Chief, active Staff and civs.

Come join us as we continue to grow! We need LEO supervisors. Fire/EMS supervisors

San Andreas Fire & Rescue are hiring, come join an elite team of EMS/Fire professionals

Just hit over 50 members, still need supervisor LC/HC positions filled for departments. Still hiring for staff

Still hiring Staff SAST and San Andreas Fire Rescue

Looking for individuals with strong supervisory experience in all depts.

Come check us out! Over 60+ custom cars just placed in. Awesome public cars for anyone to use.

Custom EUP
Custom Vehicles
Low resource heavy server=no frame drop
Great serious fun RP
Ownerships that listens to the community

Looking for supervisory staff in all depts!