[NEW] Nexus Roleplay Serious RP All Departments Hiring, Custom Vehicles, Whitelisted Jobs/Gangs/Businesses. Active Friendly Staff. Join Our Discord:https://discord.gg/FheuVDfrPg

Server IP: (F8) Connect


Twitter: https://twitter.com/NexusNrp

Nexus Roleplay (NRP) is a new upcoming unique city.

It has been in development for over 5 months and is now ready for you to come and have fun.

We appreciate that the population will be low during the first phase of a new server but if you stick with it we are confident that you will make this your new home.

Nexus drives the realistic concept of grinding for items and vehicles which you will learn to enjoy. The economy is balanced so that players will value their decision making when it comes to buying their first vehicle.

There is plenty to do in the city with jobs such as delivery driver, garbage collection and taxi service and many more. You will never be bored with the range of employment. The government whitelist applications are now open for such things as Police, EMS, Mechanics, Driving instructor, Sky bar manager, Burgershot manager and many more. Come into the city, manage your staff with your own boss menu, hire and fire at will.

Open meals, boxes and many more items to reveal their contents you can eat or share the items with friends. There are lots of valuables found scattered across the state whether it be in a shop/hardware store or at an illegal location you can change your destiny at the turn of a switch. It is up to you to discover them and find out what they are used for.

Hidden bunkers will provide some crafting options for certain items which will allow you to progress in the criminal underworld and either sell the location or become the distributor into the city where no one will cross you or fear losing the edge of your new found knowledge.

It’s all well and good entering the criminal underworld, but the police are well trained and hungry to investigate anyone who looks suspicious, they will quiz you and try to trick you into submission during interviews at Mission Row. They will set speed traps, investigate gangs and drug issues within the city. If you are caught you will face some hefty jail time.

But don’t worry if your friends are highly intelligent they can spring you from Boilingbroke and you will be set free back to a life of crime.

Always on hand are the EMS team who care for those who need them, they are equipped with the latest technology to make sure your life is in safe hands. Collapse on the floor, they will pick you up, put you on the stretcher and take you to see the doctors at PillBox Hospital. There you will be scanned under the MRI or given an x-ray to determine your level of injuries.

Gangs will be tough but well respected by all, they will interact with the communities they live in and fear the police. If they don’t blend in and conduct themselves professionally they could face a backlash from the police or even be raided and risk losing everything they have fought hard to build.

Don’t worry if you lose your driving licence, you can seek out the driving instructor to take your test. If they feel you are capable of driving and obeying the laws then they will pass you if not you could always try a bribe.

There are lots of vehicles available in the city and the race scene is epic, street racing will become a part of normal life and the stakes could be high, bare in mind you will need to take care of your vehicle one wrong move and you could stall or damage the vehicle beyond repair. Seek out a mechanic and build a relationship with them in case you break down. You can always bring them along to the races and have them at the ready to fix your vehicle to give you the edge.

Drugs are hidden within the city. If you discover them you could make some big bucks, there are also some other ways in which they are introduced which will blow your mind.

Weapons will be hard to come by in the city, but if you can find out who runs the blackmarket you will be set, customizable weapon attachments will also be a great feature.

There are several houses within the city which have custom interiors which are NOT MLO’s. These are for the players who wish to relax in a small community where neighbours are treated like family.

Get a crew together, grab the items and complete jewellery store heist , hold up gas station shops, and complete the ultimate heist at pacific bank, make sure you plan it properly and have a good getaway driver as the police could deploy swat to assess the scene.

Gamble away your life at the casino, play blackjack, roulette and the slots for a chance to win big, or have a drink and relax on the roof top terrace.

The sky bar is the ultimate chill out zone which over looks legion square. Hang out with friends or take your lover for an evening of entertainment and cocktails or head the beach and watch a film at the drive in cinema.

There is so much more to do, you can be anyone you want to on Nexus Roleplay Come into the discord today and say hello we will guide and help get set up in the city. Come speak to the management team who are always on hand and very friendly.

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Help pls

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The Server was down for maintenance. you should be ok to join now mate. if you join the discord ill help you myself.

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Looking for very good role players for all Whitelist roles come and have a look and make this city your new home :grinning:

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I have been in this city for a few days now, the roleplay is really good. The police are polite and don’t have a win mentality. Been pulled over a few times and they just spoke with me and inspected my car for illegal upgrades. Its a good city with plenty to do and I don’t even think I have discovered half of what there is hidden. I would recommend anyone to come and give this place a chance, the staff in the discord are friendly and help when it is needed. 10/10 for me.


Thank you for the review its great to hear. If you need anything please don’t hesitate to contact us on Discord. :grinning:

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Great and welcoming server, owner/staff are very helpfull and assist in whatever question or problem u have. Loads of things to do.


Thank you very much, we are trying to create a great atmosphere for all to enjoy. Thank you for the review much appreciated :grinning:

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A server you gonna love. Great people on here very helpfull. And most of all Good RP.
Also lots of things to do!


Thank you very much, we just need people to come and check us out then it will be a great place to be :grinning:

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Thats great to hear man :smiley:

Thanks for coming and playing on the server and taking the time to leave a post :slight_smile:

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:point_up_2:couldn’t have said it better myself :grinning:.

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Also here to express gratitude to the boys from Nexus. Never RP’d before and these guys were very helpful while staying in character to help me figure out which muscles to use for multiple different endeavors. If you’ve been thinking about joining RP or just want a new experience I’d give this server a shot.


Thank you very much for your kind words. We really appreciate it :grinning:.

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always tricky when trying to explain the keys and staying in RP :rofl: but was a good night tho and your character is so good. was awesome RPING with u pal :slight_smile:

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Having joined the server from launch it is clear to see the time and effort gone into this and that it hasn’t been rushed. I have been given the opportunity for chief of police and looking for new members to assist the various different roles of being a police officer. This is my first proper server to play in and the admin team are helpful and will genuinely assist you all they can. So whether you’re experienced in RP or brand new don’t be afraid to join and have fun.

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Thank you for your kind words, I’m sure you will be amazing as the Chief we have everything faith in you :grinning:.

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I’ve played 100s of plus hours in GTA RP. i will say this is hands down one of the best citys i’ve ever played in. the staff is amazing and they actually care about the RP and don’t want to see shitlords ruining the greatness of it. MANY MANY things to do in this city. Love to see it man would highly recommend 10/10 city. Hope to see you all there!


Thank you very much, we do care and want everyone who is a part of our community to have a fun and pleasant experience :grinning:.

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Another awesome night in the community. It’s nice to see all the new faces joining and having a good time. People spending literally hours and hours trying to find all the hidden parts. Good thing is this is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see how much the community grows!