New! Momentum RP!

I was so sick of server hopping. So I contacted the best doers from the best servers I had been a part of and started momentum. Are you Looking for an active realistic economy server with weekly updates and active staff?

Momentum RP is looking for active police, ems and civs. We have:

  • BCSO, SAHP, LSPD, and Game Wardens

  • Senoran CAD

  • Continuous civ car additions

  • Luxury car dealership

  • Active mechanic shop

  • Active Gang

  • Server events

  • Elected Sheriff and Civ judges

  • Unique jobs

  • Active and responsive staff and dev team

This server was born out of frustration with the useless titles, endless red tape and favoritism from other servers. Come be a part of something different.

Currently need:

Dept heads, business owners, gang leaders, Leo/ems and more!!


I play here, and its poggers

Bump the best there is!