New! | Los Angeles Projects | LA Based Server | Whitelisted | Always Hiring | Friendly Staff

Hey guys I’m the owner of Los Angeles Projects (LAP). I’ve been wanting to create an LA-based server that isn’t like the rest of the servers out there. We have developers who live in California that work for us. I’m here to task you guys to give my server a chance and to check it out. I promise you it isn’t like the rest of these FiveM servers. We are organized and respectful towards our members and I’m seeking for you guys to take time out of your day and give us a chance and take a look for a while.
The departments we have are LAPD, LASD. CHP, LAFD, COMMS & Civilian Operation. If you guys are really interested and reached this far here’s our discord invite to our fan discord. Discord Link

Our Age Requirement
In the interest of providing the best roleplay environment and creating a member base who is mature and able to adhere to our core values, we enforce the following age requirements. Exceptions can be made to these rules on a case-by-case basis but be prepared to choose an auxiliary operation on your application.

  • LEO 14+
  • Civ 14+
  • FD - 14+
  • DISPATCH - 14+

We Provide For Our Players

  • Active Staff/Support Team.
  • Custom LEO Vehicles, EUP, and Weapons.
  • Custom Fire Apparatus
  • Custom Civilian Vehicles
  • Custom Maps
  • Custom Scripts
  • Client-Side Scripts

Just Incase yall wanted a preview. Here you go!

What is your Discord code? Couldn’t find you on Discord.

best sever i have ever been a part of even tho its new they have there shit together keep up the good work