New Life RP - Revival - Looking for Co-owner + Staff

Hi All,

Im Looking to start up new Community/Server, im needing some assistance, ive have own server previously in past but with in last 2 year i have been on down low due to working a new job and building my new Dream build PC, but im back with a better plan and im needing find a team to help me proceed this plan,

i am 24 Year of Age and ive got a hell of alot of experience with development of server, only thing i lack in is the Owner and Community Management, im need help with gain players and coming up with rules and deal with staffing, im Also British.

Im looking for someone who is

  • Age of 19 +.
  • Able to Speak English.
  • Have Microphone.

Ive got a Dedicate Server that i have for Personal uses, it is host in USA.
[Discord - { IRonnic#3192 }]

Im Also in look for someone to run the Police Force, EMS Force and Drive the Job/Gang System all role are available

^^^ Looking for Co-Owner As well

are you looking for paid developer or?

Bump, ive update the whole thing, in dire need of looking for co-owner who will help setting up. The community side of things.

Bump - Still Looking

Bump - Still looking - We have a LEO for Police Dept - still Co-Owner

discord link?

Bump - New Life Roleplay (Underdevelopment)

Still looking for Co-Owner and staff.

Still looking for Staff + Co-Owner to help build community !! :slight_smile:

We’re Still looking for staff, our server is QBCore and not far from being launch, there still alot of thing need to be done with Documents and other stuff todo with world economy but that can be worked at !!! :slight_smile:

Still looking for Co-Owner and Staff to help with server, We’re also looking for potential people to run businesses and EMS


Still looking for staffing