|NEW| Keystone State RP | Pennsylvania Based | Realistic Roleplay | vMenu | Allowlisted | High Quality LEO & Fire | Hiring LEO & Fire | Hiring Staff | 200+ Addon Cars | Y-Maps | Constant Development | Custom Scripts | Custom Weapons

GRAND OPENING SOON | Launch date 5/1/2021 | Come be apart of something great!

Welcome to Keystone State Roleplay - Based on the beautiful state of Pennsylvania! We are looking for active members in all departments to help build and grow this community into the fivem experience we all have been waiting for. Our community is founded on the basis of creating the most experienced and well trained whitelisted departments, such as our law enforcement and firefighters, so that civs can have the best and most realistic interactions possible on the server. Our server is run by people who know how these things are done in real life, and work hard to bring that real life experience into the gaming environment for everybody to be immersed in!

Our community is active and professional, our staff team is open to DM’s and willing to help anybody who needs it. We are here to serve you as a player and create the best fivem experience possible. With that being said we expect our members to be mature and respect other members of the community.

Departments that we offer —>

Pennsylvania State Police → [Hiring]
Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office [Closed]
Pittsburgh Bureau of Police → [Hiring]
Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire–> [Hiring]
Allegheny County Public Safety Dispatch → [Closed]
PennDOT → [Closed]
Civilian Operations → [Hiring]

What we have to offer—>

24/7 Staff and Dev Team Support
Custom LEO Vehicles and EUP
Custom Fire Department Vehicle packs and EUP
200 + Civillian Addon Cars, and more being added daily
GEN CAD for Civs and Factions
All Factions are skinned and built to match the State of Pennsylvania
A player-built experience where you are the boss
Custom Y-maps across the entire state to increase roleplay experiences statewide
Realistic handling lines for addon cars to increase immersion.

Discord - https://discord.gg/uchxa6HykP
Server IP: Coming soon

We hope to see you soon in the beautiful Keystone State!


We are actively searching for new members who want to participate in our whitelisted factions (leo, fire, gangs, etc.) if this interests you come take a look or feel free to pm me on discord

Join the Discord!

We had a solid beta Launch last night with 24 people! We will be going fully live on this Saturday, May 1st! Join the Discord for more information.

a beautiful server that a lot of work has gone in to and that is really promising so excited about the launch and don’t forget to bring your friends and join this beautiful community and have fun doing rp

The test launch looked amazing definitely going to be playing a lot.

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Server has amazing potential, looks like staff members and developers have put an immense amount of work into this and listening to feedback from community members, if you’re looking for a realistic experience and competent LEO, definitely check it out, test launch was an awesome experience and I will definitely be looking forward to the launch!

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Thanks for all the feedback everybody, we very much appreciate and welcome any information about how we are doing with our community!

We are actively recruiting Law enforcement in our community. if you are interested in being a part of a solid group of LEO’s come check us out :slight_smile: