[NEW] Island Of San Andreas (IOSA) | https://discord.gg/hSYUnVe | Custom In Game CAD/MDT | Custom Civilian Cars | Looking for Police Supervisors

IOSA is a new community looking for dedicated members to have fun and serious roleplay.

IOSA is RP community with members that are looking for dedicated civilians and police. We have custom cars and features most servers don’t have. Our server is made professionally with good looking UI and detail. We put pride in our server and community we built from the ground up. We want you to join this journey with us and become the cop you’ve always wanted to be.

IOSA Features

  • Easy and Fast promotions by just watching training videos.
  • Rank, Uniform and Vehicle structures
  • EUP
  • Fully working CAD
  • Alot of EMOTES
  • Custom Civ and Police Cars
  • Amazing UI (In Game)
  • Fully finished Discord
  • Weekly MAJOR Updates

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/hSYUnVe
Find the IP on our discord or connect at http://iosa.pro

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Great server please check it out

its a good server

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Awesome! Fun to play on!

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Thanks for the feedback!

Add new cars! to the server

discord invailed