[NEW] Infinite Roleplay | NoPixel Inspired | Active Staff | Looking for active members | Open Whitelisted jobs | Beta/Testing | SERIOUS RP| https://discord.gg/ZRA56fGT

InfiniteRP, we are a very serious role-play server with amazing role-players, we have very experienced developers and amazing starting community. Our goal as a server, is we want to provide a clean, stable, and enjoyable environment to all members involved. We’ve set out with a goal to be one of the best FiveM server and we are doing just about that. Come join us as we create new stories, create greater characters, and most of all have fun. We have as mentioned a lovely starting community already and we would love and to accept those who are serious about RP and who have a passion to continue with us on this journey. With the support of all players, and staff we believe we can do greater things and way more. Our journey has been started with a heck ton of ideas involved to ensure we are constantly evolving as a server that provides a refreshing and fun experience every single update we release. We would appreciate it if you amazing people would join and stay with us in this journey. As mentioned in the title we are offering a great amount of active development. We really listen to our audience and the players as we are always open to interpretation. We do have an active staff who are great individuals who are here to stick up for the server and help protect the server, the people, and to make sure it stays clean and on the right path. There are many opportunities for whitelisted jobs and we are still actively accepting those. Even if you are new to RP we are willing to be there for you, help you, just make sure you read our guidelines and rules in the discord to get a feel. Also if you have any questions about RPing you can always ask any of us, including the community and staff. Stick around to witness greatness, climb the ranks of power and experience something you have never seen before, true infinity.

Don’t forget to join our discord to get started: https://discord.gg/ZRA56fGT

Here is just a few things that are unique to our server:
*Realistic Economy
*Custom Clothing
*Realistic Vehicles Handling
*Serious Roleplay
*Community Events
*A Large Variety Of Activities
*Multiple Car Dealers
*Robbable Stores
*Furnishable Houses Live Anywhere!
*Custom Emergency Service Uniforms (EUP)
*In Game Voice System (Distance Interaction)
*Custom interiors
*Multi Character
*Low Ping and High FPS
*300 + Customs Emotes Animations /e emote
*Boat Rentals
*Limb and Damage System
*Different Police Departments
*Customs Drug Systems (Weed Growing, Crack, Drug Missions)
*Crafting System
*House Robbery’s
*Vehicle Scrapping System
*Racing System
*Custom guns
*Third eye



Currently under full development will release when 200 people are in the discord! With lots of legal and illegal jobs.


Awesome server!


Cant wait to join the server! Looking forward!


Can’t wait for this server to launch I recommend it to everyone +rep


Server is looking so good, cant wait!

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Custom cars such as these being added and currently worked on and tune with realistic handling and speeds.

Custom jobs being placed in for both legal and illegal so players can choose what path they would like to go down.

Currently still taking suggestions and adding the finishing touches. Waiting until 200 members in the discord until the actual launch!

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bump We did change the discord to : https://discord.gg/ZRA56fGT

Be sure to check us out!

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The discord link, is invalid for me tho??!

hi how do i join allow list

hi whats the new disc cant join that