[NEW] INFINITE CITY Roleplay - Economy QB Framework | SADOJRP has moved to INFINITE CITY ROLE PLAY! Hiring Staff/Police and more

We are still the same community! We have moved to an new Economy based system with QB Framework.
We built a great RP Community called SADOJRP, this is our Next Gen! Infinite City RP - SADOJRP-NG

If you are experienced in RP with Economy Servers, come and checkout our Community and Server!
You can get on the ground floor of a new experience and get established as a major player in our society!

New Jobs, New Gangs, New experiences in INFINITE CITY Roleplay

INFINITE CITY and favorite us!
2000+ Discord members and Growing!!! Help us Grow and have fun doing great RP

Join our Discord! : Discord Link

Press F8 then type:
(Make sure to favorite the server in FiveM)

Web site: https://www.sadojrp.games
— Join Now and become part if our great community and help us grow –

We have Mature Staff, Mature LEO officers in LSPD

We are taking roleplay to a new serious level. Do jobs, work for your money, join gangs, find new ways to make money on the blackmarket.

Custom Cars and Donator System to get more custom items, weapons and cars.
Plenty of Serious RP opportunities.
You can also just do jobs on your own to make money.

We also have several sub-divisions of the LSPD:
Search and Rescue Unit
Police Air One Unit
Motorcycle Unit (MCU)
Fire and EMS Dept

We are always recruiting for new members of all departments.

Who we are:
We are a team of motivated, experienced FiveM RP’ers who have seen it all with other RP servers and want to create a uniquely different and exciting RP experience. We are dedicated to making the server unique, providing new experiences all of the time, we will not stop updating and innovating.

Join our community today and jump on our server, find out what makes us great!!!

We hope to see you on the server and know you will want to make this your permanent RP server!!!