[NEW] Indiana State Police Roleplay | Soon to be Whitelisted | Indiana Based Roleplay Server

Hello! I Am Normal From INSPRP
And Welcome To My Post About INSPRP

We have been a server since August 17th 2018-Jan 2020! But We Had around a year of dead silence, and we are ready to Come Back! But all we need is YOU!

All Applications are open! Civ is Free you just have to message an owner about getting tags on discord!

Streamers are very welcome and if they are harassed by member the member that did it will be punished!

We are ready to become your next main server!

If you want to join all Information is down below!

Departments We Have!

INSP (Indiana State Police)
Superintendent | TBD

(We have more cars on the way )

INFD (Indiana Fire Department Includes EMS)

Applications are on our website here (Civ apps will NOT be looked at)







  • vMenu For simplicity
  • Jail System
  • Multiple Custom Civilian Cars
  • Multiple Custom PD Cars (Reskined By Owners And Devs)
  • Custom Maps (Some Made By Owners)
  • Custom Scripts For Chat
  • Auto OOC
  • /cuff script (If abused the person abusing it may be Jail, Kicked, Or Banned)
  • And alot more!

If You Are Deciding to Join Here Are Some Links

Website: www.insprp.com

FiveM Server IP :

FiveM Server Listings : FiveM server list™

Discord : https://discord.gg/bQagr5x

We hope to see you in our server!!

(Please Remember our server is new and we have few members for now please dont leave if nobody is on, instead invite more people!!!)

Our Current Goal Is 75 ACTIVE Members In Discord! :slight_smile:

Have A Great Day!!!

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For Pd We Have Swat And K9 Apps Open When You Get To The Right Rank!

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does this server have jobs or us it just police orientated

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Its an FX Server So Its Based Off Your Pure Creativity, The Only “Jobs” Are PD FD And EMS

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oh okay cool

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Here We Have A 10-36!

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If You Have Any Questions Join Our Discord and DM Me! :slight_smile:

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New Bike!

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We Have Multiple New PD cars On The Way

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The Greenwood Police Department is now open!

Come experience the GWPD by becoming one of Indiana’s Finest, and continuing the tradition to serve since the day it was created. Led by chief Austin Sawyer, there are more then 17 vehicle options, and higher ranks available. So, come check it out!

New Cars Coming Son for Pd, Ems, And Fire!

The Server Is Temporarily down But Do Join Our Discord For Updates!

The Server Is Back Up!!!

We are doing a PATROL tomorrow at 8pm est, if anyone wants to join!

Greenwood PD Is Open Again

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we are reopening all sub divisions

New Host, This Means New IP!!!

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