New Image Roleplay | Open Today! | Active Police | NEED ACTIVE GANGS & CIVILIANS | Custom Scripts, MLOs, Weapons And Cars!

Hello sorry about that here is our new link New Image Roleplay

Our big launch is tomorrow! Hope to see you there!

We just opened, come check us out guys!

We are brand new but we already touch around 15 players on our first day, come join and grow with us

Join us tomorrow for some really cool scenes, we also have events coming soon!

We have scenes and events coming up soon, and we are in need of more PD, EMS and active gangs!

Great RP Going on and PD is growing, We definitely need more gang banger so if you are interested in starting a gang join us we also need more EMS!

Join and grow with our wonderful community! We have active cops on and in need of active gangs and civilians!

We are accepting gangs, you will get a custom hood and a gang package to help get you on your feet!

We have many businesses and exciting opportunities available for all players!

We are in need of gangs! Active PD waiting for you!


If you’re interested in starting a gang in a brand new high quality city, join our discord!

Still looking for more gangs and civilians!

We have manyyy custom weapons, including glocks, switches, arps, and much more!

Come grow with us, the city is like no other!

Join us today!

Join us today and grow with an amazing community!

We are looking to fill many roles for our base community as we grow, join us and open a ticket for more info on the role you can play in new image!

Our community is growing! Join now to be apart of a truly unique server!