NEW IMAGE ROLEPLAY | Brand New Server! | Launching next month! | Recruiting EMS | Recruiting PD | Need Active Gangs | Friendly Community! | MANY ACTIVITIES | Everything Earned In Game | Brand New High Quality Scripts | Fair and Serious!

New Image Roleplay Is A brand new server looking to create an exciting experience, our focus is great, realistic roleplay with fun being the center, in New Image there are many aspects of life you can live and we are constantly developing to make your experience more immersive no matter what path you choose. We are a friendly community trying to build with players old and new, we have no problem helping if you are a beginner as long as you are trying! We have amazing events we are planning, to give opportunities to win cash and other prizes as well as a huge racing scene we are implementing!

We have many scripts for all sides, including gangs, business owners, civilians, racers, fishermen, hunters and more! However you want to live, we have something for you, and if we don’t have it we will definitely consider adding if it helps expand roleplay! Our community is small and growing, but I work hard everyday trying to promote and grow the community, if you would like to give our server a chance we would love to have you, and if you have any questions or problems me or a staff member will be there to help. You will notice there are many things to help you become immersed within the city and that is because immersion is one of our biggest goals. We are not a pay to win server, everything is obtainable in game just roleplay and ask around and you can begin building your character the way you want, achieve your biggest goals with a great community!


Can’t wait to see you guys their!

We have active cops, we need crims and gangs! Come try us out you won’t regret it!

We are always throwing events come by and have a good time!

Bump we have active eventsdaily you are sure to enjoy yourself!

Cops and Ems active, come check us out!


Bump we have event every night come join us!





Businesses are in and need owners Speak to a realtor about you financial options.

These are just a few teasers, we have many more available! Join our growing community!

Gangs are also very welcome, we have active cops, ready to lock you up, and EMS ready to patch up your gun wounds!

I Love the city

Fun events in the city, new WL jobs, active PD, different activities

:fire: :fire: :fire:

Join us events every week!

Check us out!

W RP let’s keep it up