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Welcome to Hollow Valley!

Experience the Ultimate Roleplay Adventure!

Why join Hollow Valley RP

  • Immersive Roleplay: Dive into a rich, detailed world where your story comes to life.
  • Active Community: Join a thriving community of dedicated roleplayers.
  • Custom Features: Enjoy unique scripts and custom content that enhance your gameplay.
  • Regular Events: Participate in exciting events that keep the server dynamic and engaging.
  • Friendly Staff: Our helpful and experienced staff are always here to support you.

Key Features

  • Realistic Economy: Work, trade, and build your wealth in a realistic economy.
  • Diverse Jobs: From law enforcement to criminal enterprises, choose your path.
  • Custom Vehicles & Weapons: Explore a wide range of custom vehicles and weapons.
  • Housing System: Own and customize your home in Hollow Valley.
  • Interactive Environment: Engage with a living world full of opportunities.

Things we can offer:

  • Open High Command Spots: Plenty of open high command slots in all departments.
  • Open Business Applications: Lots of businesses up for grabs including 2 mechanic shops.
  • Open Gang Spots: Custom gang script with no gang cap.
  • All Houses for Sell: All houses up for sale.
  • New Cars: Lots of cars coming in all the time.
  • Great Clothing Pack: New clothing pack with new stuff coming.

Discord: Hollow Valley RP

Hollow Valley has spent numerous hours looking for the best for those who choose to live as law-abiding citizens. With choosing PD you gain the ability to a custom MDT, Body Cams along with an office for supervising as their officers are on duty, and cars that have a custom livery and a huge selection for the police department to choose from. EMS gave their own MDT where they can keep track of who comes in and what for, in-depth EMS script that makes the job more than just a revive bot, a way to send notes from the EMS on the road to the doctors back at a hospital on what type of patient is coming in and custom vehicle liveries and vehicles. The DOJ didn’t get left out with a huge multiple floor MLO having rooms that can host several court cases at once along with offices, along with lots of professional suits. There are lots of other things to enhance your immersion as you dive into these Whitelisted Jobs.
Whitelisted Jobs

  • Police
  • Ems
  • DOJ

We didn’t skip a beat when loading this city with things that those solo people can do or enjoy with their friends in the city. Are jobs range from 1-4 people jobs depending on what lifestyle you wish to live or even just to start you out. Below is a list of the jobs our city has to offer.

Legal non whitelisted jobs

  • Mining
  • Bee Keeper
  • Oil rig
  • Electrician
  • Window cleaning
  • Constructions
  • Lumber
  • Garbage
  • Tow truck
  • Fishing with Tournaments
  • Semi Truck Driving
  • Paper Boy
  • Hunting

Entrepreneurship is a huge one people enjoy going into whether it’s for legal reasons or a cove for your illegal reasons. We have lots of business opportunities to offer along with each customized to what you like. You want a cupcake, we got you on that cupcake. Below are the businesses that are in now. See something not on the list, go ahead and pitch the idea to us. Here at Hollow Valley RP, we enjoy helping influence your story line and make your dream job happen.

Player Owned Businesses

  • Pizza this
  • UWU Cat CafĂ©
  • Vanilla Unicorn + Motel
  • Haute Nightclub
  • 2 Different Mechanic shops
  • Koi Restaurant
  • Snr. Buns
  • Pawn Shop
  • Weed Shop
  • The Town
  • Nail Salon
  • Malibu Club
  • Gas Stations
  • 24/7s

Now let’s be honest, everyone has a naughty side in them. With that, others who choose to wanna live on the constant illegal side of life have plenty of things to keep that constant thrill going forever. We have jammed packed this city with things that we are choosing to keep a little secretive. We have listed the more blunt version that doesn’t give anything away so everyone has fun looking and learning the illegal side.

Criminal Stuff

  • Multiple drugs with custom crafting
  • Unique Drug selling
  • Multiple Unique Heist
  • Car Boosting
  • Illegal Racing
  • Illegal crafting with skill tree
  • Custom guns and Sounds
  • Extensive Gang & Turf System
  • Vin Scratching

Everyone enjoys the little things in life but why not bring them into the city life do that you can still enjoy those little things while having that great rp. Here at Hollow Valley, we did not skip out for put those things in that we enjoy in our daily lives. You like going to the gym and working on your gains, you love sitting next to the water with a pole in your hand or even the simplest things such as playing on your phone while Face Timing your best friend. We have that and so much more. Below are some of the things we have that people simply enjoy in their everyday lives.

Quality of life stuff

  • Custom Emote menu
  • Great Clothing pack
  • Updated in detail phones
  • Gym with skills
  • Other skills with leveling
  • Custom Props
  • Basketball
  • In Depth MDTS for EMS and PD
  • Skill based crafting with skill tree
  • Low price economy
  • Housing with 145 customize shells
  • Customized Furniture
  • Detailed Hud
  • In Depth Banking
  • Custom car sounds
  • Metal Detecting
  • Scuba Diving
  • Custom car tablet

Discord: Hollow Valley RP
Facebook: Redirecting…