NEW High Noon Serious RedM Server! Looking for Staff/Whitelisted Jobs - NOW OPEN!

Hey everyone! I am Burton Riley from High Noon Roleplay! We are a BRAND NEW Serious RedM Server currently in the works!

Our plan is to provide whatever you, the players are looking for in a RedM Server! We are aiming for higher end, mature and serious role play from our members. We hope to have a realistic economy with a wide variety of jobs both legal and illegal to ensure everyone can work for money. Things will be tough to get but will not require hours of grinding. The idea is that all jobs will be balanced so not everyone will be doing one specific job because it is the best overall. Each job will have its pros and cons! Of course you cannot leave out the robberies, the hold ups and the black market deals! We plan to have a full spectrum bandit side of things as well!

Got an idea? Bring it to us! We wanna know what YOU want in a RedM Server!

As well we are looking to fill numerous whitelisted jobs in the medical fields, law enforcement, player run businesses as well as staff positions!

We are still in the development and testing stage. We are looking for experienced RedM Community members to help us grow and become an awesome RedM Serious Roleplay Server!

Please Message Burton Riley on Discord for further inquiries and information!

Our Discord is - be sure to check us out, ask questions, see how you can help and join now for the most impact on a NEW RedM Community!

We are officially launching tomorrow September 5th at 5pm EST! First 50 people will get $250 starting cash! And an additional $50 for ever friend they bring!