New GTA RP Server GrizzlyRP

Gizzly Roleplay is a FiveM, US based community. We are dedicated to realistic and professional roleplay. Grizzly Roleplay’s staff and members are long time players and veterans of the FiveM community.

GrizzlyRP staff is not filled with unexperienced young players, most of us have normal jobs or go to school. We have realistic expectations from all of our members, from staff down to brand new civs. We do not require your online play time to be wholly focused around us. Our mission is to create a fun, enjoyable, unique experience for new and experienced members to come into and call their home. We plan on making you apart of us, not just a number.

**What do we have to offer you?:**

We have many departments for new members to choose from. We advise you spend some time on the server as a regular citizen before applying for a position on one of our departments/gangs. We want you to become accustomed to the overall rules and regulations of the server. When you are ready to apply; we have the traditional whitelisted departments:

California Department of Justice
Los Angeles Police Department
California Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Fire & Rescue and Medical response,

along with whitelisted criminal groups in the Drug Cartel, and the Lost MC Gang. Our Police and Fire/EMS jobs start with training, uniforms, teamspeak, CAD system, advise and expertise on in-game situations.

Our criminal groups have their own hideouts, jobs, cars, storage, and leadership roles who run and direct each gang. On GrizzlyRP you have the opportunity to shine here. Every member we get will be recognized here, your successes will not go unnoticed. Hardwork and dedication is highly appreciated by our staff and will allow you to climb higher and higher ranking positions. Are you ready to come roleplay with us?

Our discord:
Our Websire:

This has to be one of the worst severs in history , its ran wrong



How do I join the server


how do you get grizzly world