NEW! [Gated City] TGRP Realistic RP|Economy|WL Departments|Custom cars|House rental&buy|Unique Scripts|Legal&Illegal Jobs|Court&Lawyer Jobs|Gang System|

TGRP is an NEW and Healthy growing FiveM Roleplay community. We encourage to create a great realistic roleplay experiences a home for everyone. We whitelist people from 18+ only. Our community is Beginner friendly and we aim for creating a fun friendly realistic roleplaying envoirement. We have active staff / admins / support and friendly helpful members for any questions. On discord for any issues you can create a ticket and we wil be there to assist you every step needed to be able to roleplay properly in our community

What does TGRP have to offer❓

  • Custom Cars
  • Black Market
  • 2 Dealerships
  • Endless Civ jobs WL&NonWL
  • 4 Type of Drugs (Hidden locations)
  • Special Gang system including menu

Whitelisted Jobs:

  • LSPD - Large DP with several ranks
  • EMS - Large DP with several ranks
  • Court - Large DP with several ranks

Leadership Ranking:

  • Founder
  • Dev Team
  • Staff
  • Support

Member Ranking:

  • LSPD
  • EMS
  • Whitelisted
  • Non Whitelisted

Extra Ranking:

  • Streamers - ( For our TGRP Team Streamers )

Looking forward to see you💯

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Great strong growing community with a lot features, GTA Roleplay with tons of stuff inside town to offer and when you appear to be a TTV streamer you get on top of all the RP fun also streamer support depending on the effort and support you give. Pay it forward! This community is brand new city excist since 2 days but have a huge potentional to become super big. With its TTV support and all its featured around and inside town this is something you just have to become a part of! Just join and be patience city wil grow awesome people down to earth members great owners. Just awesome verry respectful people!

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Thank you we’re looking forward to gain members in our amazing gated city.

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Help us grow this awesome new community

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