New Gamerserver Network Looking for Board Of Directors and server owners

Hello my name is Tiqu, I am 17 and want to start working on a dream of mine, but I need help. A lot of it. Basically I wanna create a network, that runs a server, or servers on FiveM & Minecraft. To-do this I need someone who can pay for hosting. I am not looking for something extreme as of yet. Just a small VPS for a FiveM server and the same for a Minecraft server, reaching 20 ish gb of ram all together. I wanted to wait a bit till I can afford to do this myself and then do all that stuff, but Its gonna take a lot longer than expected - So i thought i’d give this place a try.
I am wanting to do all the community building of this and hire 2-3 more people to help along. Here is the structure I am going for.

  • BOD -
    Community Director (Me)
    Server Director (Whoever invests)
    Asst. Director (Helps wherever they can)

  • Server Owners -
    Minecraft Server owner (1-3)
    FiveM Server Owner (1-3)

  • Server Staff -
    Minecraft Server Staff
    FiveM server staff.

(This would be in the main Network discord) Then there would be separate discord for each game, but with our branding.
These games can host as many servers as they wish, and the owners or atleast 1 owner would be asked to invest into hosting and they would pay for all plugins/scripts etc. They do their own staff team, but the BOD just run everything and oversee the performance.

This is a dream of mine I have been waiting to do for 2 years, I would love to see this project come to life over the next year. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

I do require the BOD’s to be 17+.
Please contact my discord at Tiqu#0001

so you want to be in command of something, but let someone else pay for it?

Literally same as me dude.
I run a FiveM Server, developed by me for the past couple years, and a Minecraft server. My network is RLGN | Real Life Gaming Network, and consists of my 2 servers, Real Life 5 |RL5, and Real Life Minecraft |RLMC