New esx_scoreboard (master_Scoreboard)

And what you advice to swap that into?

Idk what are u using and which version (essential/extendedmode/es_extended), so you need to do it.
But make sure to use the resource with this commit.

and im using. Still online player count is admin count

if ~= ‘user’ then
All_Data.admins = All_Data.admins + 1

legacy or last version? (If you are using the last version, I think you need to change it to getGroup() idk about that)
Is your default rank for normal players user?

im getting the error “[cmd] Access denied for command sets.” i followed the instructions and added “add_ace resource.master_scoreboard command.sets allow” to my server cfg , i tried adding “add_ace resource.es_extended command.sets allow” but that still did not fix any idea what the issue could be ?

hey, If you changed the name of the resource you need to change that.

same here

what esx version you using?