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Down Bad Roleplay - The Community for the People

Down Bad RP plays host to an active Staff Team of Management and In-Game Admins,

Management deal with all of the Back of House stuff as well as the Community Outreach - They are here to support the staff just as much as they are here to support you!

If you’re a first-timer or you’re unsure of anything, Get in touch with one of the Admins, they are here for you to reach out to, remember, everyone was in your shoes at one point.

Down Bad RP is a Passion Project, designed, developed and run by a group of diverse people with a fondness for roleplay and community.

We have been working hard to build and cater to the needs and wants of those within our community & we would like to openly invite you and any of your friends to join us, begin your own story, build relationships and solidify yourself as a member of our community.

With a Capacity of 64 Players and a QBCore base, our Developers have worked hard to create an enjoyable Roleplay experience for role players new and experienced!
Below, I’ve listed a few of our custom features.

Custom Housing - Live Anywhere on the Map with full creative freedom to decorate the interior >of your property!
Custom Clothing - Do you like Fashion? Dazzle your friends with some stylish ‘fits!
Fresh Robbery System - For the aspiring criminal, work your way up in the Criminal Underworld!
Custom Import Vehicles - Zoom through the opposition and on to the Podium!
Fleshed out Police and EMS Departments - Lay down the long arms of the law on >unsuspecting criminals, or become a guardian angel to the citizens of Los Santos!
Custom Weapons - Are you a Marksman? Show off your aiming skills, or get pwn’d in combat >by some serious players!
Fishing & Hunting - Does the day to day hustle and bustle of city life annoy you? Head into the >Back O’ Beyond and go Hunting for some Big Game, or become a Master Baiter on the High Seas of >San Andreas!
Streaming? - Are you broadcasting your antics to your followers on that grind for Partner? >/streamermode disables all music that might potentially cause you issues down the line, Pog!

DownBad RP is a Streamer Friendly Server, we encourage you to share our city with your viewers - As >you’ve seen from other cities, there’s always fun to be had if you’re Live!

DownBad RP is set to Launch on 10th June 2022

IP: Downbad RP / Cfx.re
Discord: [DownBad RP]


Less than 2 weeks until release

Bump c: Very excited for the server to open!

Bump, looks promising hope to see you all there

Few businesses have now been added getting ready for release

looking for someone to run PD, also looking for more staff members to enforce the rules make a ticket in the discord today

5 days to go until release!

Age limit (?)

The city is for 18+

Post updated ! Release in 3 days

14 hours to go!! See you all tomorrow on Down Bad!! <3

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Really excited for launch today, 5 mins to go! I’ve seen the energy and effort they have put into getting this ready, it looks like it’s going to be amazing. Great job and heres to a great launch!

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First day was a success!

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Honestly cannot recommend this server more for people looking for good RP. It’s a new city, but the dev team and admins are putting in real work. The player base is really good, if you’re looking for some fun or somewhere to invest your time this is definitely an option. Having a blast so far!


Its been a great 2 weeks since release, Im looking forward to more to come. <3

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New phone from high phone added

Eventhough the server is relatively new, the community seems to be growing good so far. The server runs really well with no clutter of scripts ruining your FPS whatsoever. Very clean overall, highly recommended.

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come check it out has been a good time so far