[NEW] Deviant RP | 1.5 | Hiring PD/EMS/DOJ | QB-Core

Hello Guys, I am here to present to you DeviantRP.

Server IP

DeviantRP is a FiveM Role-Play server created by ambitious developers who want to create a good quality server for their community. DeviantRP has a broad horizon of features with a multitude of opportunities for any new/existing player. Players who wish to take the route of being legal, whether that be:

  • Becoming a full time Police Officer
  • Becoming apart of the Emergency Medical Services
  • Starting up a Mechanic Business
  • Keeping order within the city and becoming a Lawyer or Judge
  • Selling players houses or warehouses as a Realtor
    And many more…

On the other hand, players who wish to indulge themselves in the life of crime could do:

  • Robberies (Stores/Vangelicos/Banks)
  • KOS Robberies (Vans/Merry Weather)
  • High Value Vehicle Theft
  • Player Controlled Drugs
  • Gangs (Trap Houses And Territories)
  • Boosting With Vin Scratching (Coming Soon)
    And many more…

DeviantRP has has a good-sized experienced Staff Team in which has masses of knowledge in handling various situations with extreme professionalism and the utmost respect.

We would appreciate you considering our invite because it will be something you will not regret!

[New] Main Features:

  • Laptop With App Functions - See Below (Made By Kizubwana)
  • Racing App - IMAGE
  • Tuner Chip App - IMAGE
  • Customisable HUD (3 Options Available) - IMAGE
  • Third Eye With Lots Of Different Functions - IMAGE
  • PD Badges - IMAGE
    This is just a taste of what we have to offer, join us today to find out more :heart:

Very nice server! Admin Team Great! I don’t speak english well and they were very welcoming!


Really amazing server, also well made to! I have so much fun since I’ve joined! They are really welcoming.


Amazing community very welcoming with amazing active staff that always attends to bug and constant new updates. Overall great server been enjoying my time and I would definitely recommend it.


Played on the server for abit and personally I found it pretty interesting just from looking at the name it looks like a normal QB Server but when you join the server its actually a very different experience from most QB servers would recommend a try


Server is very well done, there is plenty of things to as a criminal/civ/cop. There is a lot of stuff to find out about.Give it a try you won’t regret it.


Amazing server honestly has been a blast everyone is friendly and I can’t wait to watch this server grow definitely recommend it