[New] Department of Public Safety

Department of Public Safety… Here at Department of Public Safety Roleplay we wanna offer the best experience to our people and create an environment in which all feel welcomed. We strive to have a family and friendly roleplay experience. We uphold our standards to the highest degree, and uphold our word that our people can make change. Department of Public Safety is hiring all departments, Police, Highway Patrol, Sheriff, Fire and Ems, Staff, Developers, and management. Department of Public Safety is Founded by Arch, and is maintaining and developing the server. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What departments do we have to offer… Department of Public Safety has Agencies that are hiring to offer to the civilians, Police, Highway Patrol, Sheriff, Fire and Ems Those departments are actively recruiting, Every department comes with their own Staff or CoC also known as Supervisors that watch over operations within each department, every department has a Chain of Command .
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do we have to offer… We also have a CAD/MDT system for the people so that they get the best experience and to make roleplay better. We also have EUP for both Civilians and Agencies. Not to mention we have Non-els Vehicles. Also, we have a multitude of weapons and custom vehicles for a more fun experience. Our Discord link to Join is here! https://discord.gg/GtYywCd