[New] DaReal HoodLife RP | Custom Drip | Cars | Many Things to Do Here!


drumroll please

:moneybag:DaReal HoodLife Rp Semi HardCore💰

  • Want a Real Hood Experience:100:!

  • Tired of Playing with thee Snakes:snake:!

  • Tired of the P2W or P2S (Pay to Stunt)… WE CAN ALL BALL!!

  • Tired of PPL just Letting you kill them🔫! Semi Hardcore (Drops Item on Death but Not Cash)

  • Want dem Balenci’s and be Drippy af🩸!

  • Want Dope Custom Cars and RIMS to park at ya Cribbo:house: - You can Buy ANYWHERE:earth_americas:!

  • Want to do REAL :tornado:GanG Shit :tornado: Without all the bs Rules!

  • I know you want GiveAways!

  • What about a Dope/Real/Fair Owner/Developer who tries to update Regularly with the help of the also dope Cfx CoMmUnIty(Sometimes)!!!
    Also Listens to the Community (Just Remember EVERY idea might not be good for the Server as a Whole :thinking:)

  • Custom Druuuuuuuu with Realistic methods to produce them!:eyes::eyes:

  • AirPlanes :small_airplane::airplane: (Custom Coming Soon!)

  • Boats :sailboat::ship: (Custom Coming Soon Also!)

  • Park AnyWhere (Active Parking Enforcer)

  • And Much Much More

  • Dope Discord - Link: ☯ HoodLifeRp ☯
    I can make Most of that happen but we still Need a DOPE COMMUNITY/FAM TOO> Come and Try Us (Look Im including You already) out…
    You Won’t be Disappointed!!

  • More Pics Coming Soon!

P.s. Thee Hackkers - I try to keep it to where you don’t have to hack/inject/whateveryoudo :pray:t6:Please we are just tryna have some Fun THanks​:raised_hands:t6:! Some of you do some Lame Suff I’m just saying!!! and to the Snakes/Fake Please stay away All in here is Allergic :grin::grin:

-All Links are Linked to Discord-