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                        County Life Roleplay welcomes you!


CountylifeRP was thought of by our community head administration Arthur and James in the early
days of August 2022. We are dedicated to becoming a unique community that prides ourselves in respect and roleplaying as a equal team and maintaining a family value. As we are small, we will be hosting daily evening patrols that everyone who is past our recruitment may attend.


Our community doesn’t like to bore our new recruits with the recruitment process. Our community has made our recruitment process easy, while still maintaining a serious roleplaying environment for everyone to have fun in. We first start you in our discord where you are asked a few questions before you are given tags to be onboarded into our community and departments. With the addition of being onboarded you will be asked to write an exam. Once our Civilian Department passes the exam, they may patrol in our daily patrols. If you are joining our Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue departments, which includes Communications, you must get a 75% score in our exam to be exempt from our in game training held by your department field training team.

Discord Link: County Life RP Offical Server


Our community member count still remans small, however we offer most of our departments. Los Santos Police will be coming soon. However we offer the following:

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)

  • San Andreas Fire Rescue (SAFR)

  • San Andreas Communications Department (SACD)

  • San Andreas Civilian Operations (SACO)

We are currently looking for department heads of some departments!


We want to thank you, our Staff, Administration, fans, and members of the County Life Roleplay community for taking the time to dedicate yourself and thrive this community that we call family. We hope to see you all soon!

You stated that i needed to join your discord but i cant seem to find an investigation to it, so i wonderd if something is wrong or you just forgot

Hello Bazzz. We did not post our discord. It’s updated now. Here is our discord - County Life RP Offical Server

Thank you for your interest in our community.

Can confirm this community is well worth joining! Amazing people here