(new) complex roleplay

Join Complex Roleplay GTA 5/FIVEM Server We are a brand new exciting UKRP server based in London with brand new functionalities, not seen anywhere else, including a custom drug script and 150+ Customs cars. Weโ€™re currently hiring staff members, METPD and NHS/ Server is releasing this Friday for BETA !!

Custom Drug Script
Custom Cars (150+)
Civilian Jobs (Trucking,Bus,Royal Mail and much more)
Purchasable Houses
Postal Map
Custom clothing
Whitelisted Jobs
KOS Red zones and much more

Weโ€™re currently hiring staff members, PD High Ranking Officers, PD Officers, NHS High Ranking Officers, Doctors and Paramedics Feel free to pop into our discord and ask any of our staff any questions that you may have before we launch the server.

We hope you enjoy this brand new UKRP server launching very soon.

Discord: https://discord.gg/ydKgts6w

BETA Is this Friday, Be there to give us suggestions on what to add into the server

I wouldnโ€™t join this server. Has Neil in from NWRP, who stole ยฃ3,500 from Adrenaline, and did the same to the new NWRP. Avoid like they are French People