New community needs nypd, fdny, staff, devs, gangs, business owners!

:city_sunset: HighTown :city_sunset:

This is a new SMALL community. Looking to grow. There are TONS of positions available (NYPD, FDNY, Businesses, etc) Looking for people who want to be long term members of this community.

Little bit about me
I am the dev for this city and Also a part of the management team. Ive been playing FiveM for a few years on and off. Main issue for me was finding a server. Server would be built well but have horrible staff teams or just rules that made zero sense. So as you can tell, I am now working on my own server with a close friend of mine (Rose) with the goal of making it a fun, entertaining server to play on for everyone who wants to join.

Server Goals
Serious RP is our goal with this city. We are aiming to build this server around THE COMMUNITY. Suggestions, feedback are all highly valued. We are looking for people to help us build this community. If interested join the discord and open a ticket!

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Looking for some experienced LEOs! Join Discord and make a ticket!


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SGT. Scott on duty