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Thank you for clicking on this post. Clearview Role-play was founded in April of 2020, with one thing in mind. Role-Play. We strive ourselves with the utmost role play experience, whether you want to be a police officer on the nightly beat, or a civilian trying to get by, we have the place just for you. We have grown over 70+ members and are growing daily. We are a white-listed community who utilizes vMenu to encourage a relaxed role-play immersion of your choosing to help create a fun and entertaining environment for everyone. Our community is managed by people with either real life experience in Police/Fire/EMS currently serving or have served.

We offer many fun role-play departments that you can chose from:

Los Santos Police Department

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

Civilian Department

San Andreas Fire and Rescue

San Andreas State Police

We are constantly on the search for other great members to add to our Family here at Clearview Roleplay. If this sounds good to you, hop on by our website and fill out an application to be a member with us. If you would like to know more about our wonderful community, you can also check out our Public Discord. We have tons of information about our community there. Hope to see you soon.

Discord Invite


Bump Stop by today, and check us out. Looking forward to seeing you.

Stop by and see us today!!!

Bump New EUP skins being added very soon for LSPD.

A great scene last night with one of our civilians and our fire fighters/ems.

Bump!! Come join us!!

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Our Sheriff’s Department is hiring new Deputies!! Stop by and check out our custom vehicles!!

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A successful resuscitation #SAFR

Bump!! Come join us in the Civ department!

Bump!!! Hey guys Civilian Chief of Staff here, We are looking for a bunch of new civilians to come and join us. If you think this server would be great for you please do not hesitant to join us we would love to have you!

Bump!! Hey everyone, It is the Fire Chief of San Andreas Fire Rescue here, Wouldn’t mind if you guys came and joined us in Fire Rescue or any department!

Stop by today and fill out an application, looking for some Civilians, and some good members.



We are hiring for a full time developer!!

This week we are having a recruiting event. What does that mean??? Well that means, that there are no applications to joining, you can just go straight into our whitelisted server and start role-playing. The whole purpose of this is to allow you the opportunity to interact with our established community members and role-play departments. If you like the community and wish to stay with us, then you will be presented with a citizenship application for permanent residence into our community. If you don’t like the community or our style of role-play, then you may leave just as well as you came and no hard feelings whatsoever. What roles will you play? Well, you will be playing as a civilian in our server, and allowed to create role-play where you are welcome to use vMenu so role-play is at your fingertips and your imagination.

Below is our server invite to join our discord. When you join, hop into the General chat and introduce yourself to everyone. We look forward to seeing you soon.