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:sunrise: Pacific Life RP :sunrise:

launched in October of 2021 with the hopes of bringing like-minded individuals together in one place to participate in fun, mature, and serious roleplay. The development team has spent many months working to build up a community that offers a unique experience for both old and new players alike to call home.

Our goal is to offer a place for people to create characters that they are attached to, to evolve and grow their characters and become a story within the community, not just another face in the crowd.

We’ve created a welcoming community revolving around serious RP and immersion to bring the best roleplay experience possible to all citizens. Our staff team is fully committed to ensuring that all citizens have the best roleplay experience possible while they are in our server.

:sunrise: Check out our links below and join the Discord! :sunrise:

Discord: Click Here
Rules: Click Here
Server IP:

:sunrise: WE ARE LOOKING FOR: :sunrise:

  • Hiring LEO and EMS
  • Employees for Food and Bar Businesses
  • Dedicated players looking for a welcoming community they can grow with
  • Dedicated players that love the crime life

:sunrise: WHAT WE OFFER: :sunrise:

Jobs (non-whitelisted)

  • :truck:Trucker
  • :taxi:Taxi
  • 👷‍♂️Tow Truck Driver
  • :newspaper:News Reporter
  • :articulated_lorry:Garbage collector
  • :dollar:Security (Brinks)
  • :taco:Taco Shop
  • :mailbox_with_mail:GoPostal
  • :computer:I.T Job
  • :pizza:Pizza Delivery
  • :pig:Pig Slaughterhouse
  • :chicken:Chicken Slaughterhouse
  • :evergreen_tree:LumberJack


  • :policeman: Police
  • :ambulance: EMS
  • :man_mechanic:Mechanics
  • :red_car:Car Dealer
  • :man_office_worker:Lawyer
  • :man_judge: Judge
  • :blue_car:Driving Instructor
  • :house:Real Estate
  • :lab_coat:Doctor
  • :gun:Gangs


  • :diving_mask:Diving
  • :dart:Darts
  • :fishing_pole_and_fish:Fishing
  • :pick:Gold Mining
  • :pick:Mining
  • :deer:Hunting
  • :slot_machine:Gambling
  • 🏌️‍♂️⛳️Golfing
  • :hotdog:Hotdog vender
  • 👷‍♂️Forklift
  • :apple:Fruit picking
  • :cow2:Cow milking
  • :racing_car:RC Cars
  • :performing_arts:Skateboards
  • :saxophone:Music
  • :movie_camera:Cinema
  • :rowing_man:Boat hire
  • :clinking_glasses:Nightclub
  • :fist_right:Fightclub/Cage fighting
  • :firecracker:Fireworks


  • :moneybag:Store Robbery
  • :gem: Jewelry Robbery
  • :dollar:Bank Robbery
  • :dollar:Brinks Robbery
  • :atm:ATM Hacking
  • :house:House Robberies
  • :handbag:Search Beach bags
  • :red_car:Scrapyard
  • :convenience_store: Black market
  • :pill:Grow Weed / Meth labs / Cocaine lab
  • :moneybag:Drug corner selling
  • :hocho:Kidnap / hostages system
  • :red_car:vin scratch / boosting system

:sunrise: KEY FEATURES: :sunrise:

:plate_with_cutlery:| Food & drink -over 100 unique items, restaurants, and shops so that your characters can indulge a wide variety of delicacies, past the simple sandwiches offered by most cities.

:bike: | Rentable Bikes - Scattered across the island of Los Santos at key areas there are bike rentals stations, these are cheap push bikes that you can use to get around the city in a pinch.

:red_car: Custom cars - We offer hundreds of unique cars in our dealerships.

:slot_machine:Casino - Blackjack, Try your luck and risk it all to win big or go home broke, let’s hope the odds are in your favor.

:house_with_garden: | Custom MLO’s both bought and created by our devs. This mix of MLO’s allows for the city to have a look and feel you won’t see in other cities.

:vertical_traffic_light: | Racing System - For those of you who are car lovers we also have a system in place where you can save racing routes and start them with friends, or enemies.

:tshirt: | Custom Clothing - Custom clothing so that you can dress your characters in a number of outfits to express themselves in whatever way they see fit.

:man: :woman: :man: | Multiple Characters - We offer you the ability to have up to five different characters in the city so that you can be anyone and everyone you’ve always wanted to be. Who says multiple personalities is a bad thing?

:couch_and_lamp: Player-owned/decorated housing - Real Estate offers you the ability to buy any house in the city, and lets you decorate it however you want, from the most luxurious homes to the dumps. The choice is yours.

:circus_tent:Community/player held events - we offer not only community ran events such as racing, scavenger hunts, fishing tournaments, and more, we also make it easy for players to set up and run events all of their own. Pink slip races, fight nights, whatever you can think of. Need help setting up your event? Our admins will gladly help you, within reason of course.

:sunrise: Small preview of community submitted content: :sunrise:

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post has been updated with new server info come check it out and have some fun

Just want say it amazing role play it can push to beyond whatever you could imagine. There us so much to do from stores, banks, corner selling, drug labs, delivery missions, chopping cars…ext. If want find out all the hype then fly on in and get ready for best role play of you’re life ps there is fire,ems, and police

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we are giving away two $30 steam gift cards all you got todo to enter is join the city and invite others to join must be active and that open a ticket with staff and tell them who you brought in and you could score a $30 steam gift card.

date this ends is the 01/05/2022

we have just open play owned and run burgershot

all our Departments are looking for more employees apply today no application needed just speak to a command of the department you like to join

We are still regularly pushing out updates! We have a new PDM with all new menus. Come check it out and buy your first new whip in the city!

We are still regularly pushing out updates!

we are also looking for firefighters and ems
we are still hiring more cops

It’s a fun server to get into. You won’t be bored ever plenty to do and many custom vehicles. We are actively hiring Police and Fire come get your feet wet and RP.

We are still regularly pushing out updates!

we are also looking for firefighters and ems
we are still hiring more cops

server is growing by the day

We are still regularly pushing out updates!

we are also looking for firefighters and ems

here some ingame pics from people

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Want to be a firefighter or just Volunteer well join today and you can. With our pager and fire scripts you can respond to fires and fight them along with medical calls you have loads of task todo in the SAFD so come join today and have some fun and rp. loads of different fires to respond to you always have a good fight on your hands.

new updates here at PLRP

new prison with

  • Recreational Activities

  • Smuggling

  • Drugs

  • Prison gangs

  • Prison Storage

  • LEGAL Jobs Five already set up Legal Jobs

  1. Janitor (Infirmary) - Clean up the mess left over by the other prisoners.
  2. Electrician (Yard) - Help fix the electrical boxes around the prison
  3. Janitor (Cellblock) - Clean out the toilets in the Cellblock.
  4. Cook (Kitchen) - Prepare 20 Ingredients worth of meals for the Cook.
  5. Garbageman (Yard) - Clean out the trash barrels in the Yard

we have also open up a new shop pizza this making pizza


We are looking for more Members to come enjoy the fun

We are still looking for more police officer to join our ranks so join our discord and apply today

we are also looking for doctors to for our hospital and head of the hopsital

new updates coming soon come join the fun

new offroad dealer

working trailers

new cars over 25 new offroad cars

new mlos over 5 new mlo over the map

new jobs over 3 new jobs coming

new robbery 5 new robbery’s coming