[NEW] Apoc Era RP | Apocalyptic Survival RolePlay Server | One of a Kind | Not a Zombie Server | Discord.gg/apocera

Type/Tags - roleplay, military, casino, survivalist, survival, realistic, bandits, apocalypse, scavenging, no zombies

We are trying to create a unique environment for Role-players to experience, from what I have heard from the few players we’ve had since our launch I think we achieved a semblance of that goal. I am still constantly updating, upgrading, and improving aspects of the server from building more custom apocalypse maps, to designing custom rusty vehicle livery’s in order to expand the options available for the player to find/buy. There are currently over 100+ apocalypse-fitting vehicles ranging from standard cars with only rusty livery options all the way to mad-max apocalypse vehicles and everything in-between.

We are a Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay Survival server with an emphasis on scavenging for supplies, grouping together for safety, and avoiding roving bandits while trying to make a few caps along the way. This server is heavily inspired by the video game franchise Fallout and so aspects of this world might feel familiar to you although I can assure you that this isn’t Fallout in FiveM. Apoc Era RP prides it’s self in being something different than what is currently available on FiveM. This is not a Zombie server, this is not purely a hardcore survival server, and this is not purely a slice of life server either.


  • Custom Maps, Weapons, Vehicles, Clothes, and more. A lot of this was created by me and can be found nowhere else.

  • Radiation, Food, Water, and Sleep are all things to keep track of. Status drain is dynamic and what your character is doing, the food/drink they are consuming, the temperature outside, and the weather all have an impact on your status.

  • Fully functioning Casino where Casino owner actually makes/loses money based on how many Chips are bought/sold.

  • Fleshed out Military Faction with their own missions/goals and stores. Serves somewhat as a police force with some ‘criminal’ jobs being specifically against the military.

  • Lots of things around the map for scavenging/looting.

    • Radiation zones with additional, and rarer, loot available.
    • Weapons can be found around the map, as well as bought at store’s located in safe zones.
    • Broken vehicles can be found and repaired, different types of vehicles spawn in different zones.
  • Vehicles do not de-spawn at Tsunami unless they have been sitting un-moved for 7-days.

  • Vehicle/Plane shop where you can buy displayed vehicles at any time, and employees can swap what’s on display.

  • Vehicles can not be ‘claimed’ by insurance, and anyone who puts a vehicle in their garage becomes the owner of that vehicle. If someone steals your car, it now belongs to them. If your car gets blown up, it’s gone (although its husk will remain taunting you for a week unless manually cleared by an admin)

  • When downed you can wait twice as long to get yourself back up where you fell with very litte HP. This feature is for PvE encounters or for PvP when the other party ‘allow’ it.

Plus LOTS more that really make this apocalyptic Roleplay server feel unique.