new and upcoming server Code 5 Role-Play looking for people

Welcome to Code 5 Role-Play

A community where we focus on player interaction, good roleplay, and making friends within the community. A community where we look out for each other and everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter what your RP experience is as long as you take your character as if it was you.

We’re a newer community and still looking to fill roles in LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, EMS, and FD. Along with the wonderful PD that we already have , we have a fire script where you actually have to hook up to fire hydrants or use your fire truck to put the fire out.

Along with the new MRPD configuration as well as other PD stations, our PD has RL experience when it comes to enforcing the laws and what they can and can not do. So, there are no “power hungry” PD officers violating your rights. If that is the case however, feel free to contact the Chief and it will be addressed.

You can own your own mechanic shop. Also, with owning your own mechanic shop, these are for the dedicated ones that are spending the time in the State. We’re not just going to give those to people just for showing up.

Or if you’re looking to be that criminal there are multiple drugs to sell and you can sell to any NPC. There isn’t just a certain area where you can sell which is flooded with PD. Sell anywhere! Also, if you’re lucky enough to find it, we have a black market where you can buy a lot of cool stuff FYI it’s not on the Island… also there are ways to craft Assault Rifles body armor and bank items to break in But, be weary of those cops cause they don’t play !

You are able to join a Gang but, We’re an RP server and strictly enforce FAIL RP. So if you’re looking for an RP server, check us out. Like everyone else, we have jobs and we’re just here to enjoy and have fun. But, also in a somewhat realistic way.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of our staff and we will assist you to the best of our abilities!

Thanks Code 5 Role-Play

Server trailers
Trailer 1

Trailer 2

some sweet cars to buy in game via PDM

do some custom tags where ever you’d like!!!