Never had a better time in RolePlay

Have a few minutes? SIt down and hear me out.

I was brought here by a friend who highly recommended it. First day? Taken hostage, given a car because I was cool about it and played it well for fear and fun. Got robbed. Robbed someone. Someone decided I needed to have some fun and we went to a nightclub, dropped LSD, Drank excessively and then jumped into a limousine and drove from mech shop to mech shop getting more and more people. Partying and Talking for hours.

Since then I’ve had milder days, and crazier days. I’ve made and lost countless friends. I’ve built a family of some of the coolest people I know and have been at war with others. For the Role Play I can’t think of a better place. So many script tools and amazing city rules to make sure you get to RP and RP the way you want to.

As for the server and admins. It’s very stable, The restarts are at a great time of day. The city is adding something new constantly. we have so much content to explore and use. The Admin team are fair, balanced, and good at listening and working through issues. Red the server owner is awesome. Solo creates everything for the city, test, and learns. Whenever something new is there he jumps in and helps people explore and learn about it. As with everything there is always going to be hiccups, I’ve seen Red active and fighting with issues and changing things quickly to get it back up.

This is the first time I’ve donated to a server, and I’ll keep doing so while I can. This servers community has become a big part of my day and watching it grow has been amazing.

Thanks Red!


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