Neptune RP(Nopixel 3.0 inspired)

Neptune Rp is a nopixel 3.0 inspired server that has just been recently released. We currently have a few open spots for whitelisted jobs and would love to have anyone to fill those spots. We also have a ton of unique drugs and robberies like never seen before. We hope to grow as a community and create content and ultimately have some fun. If you would like to join plz use this discord link Neptune RP


Amazing server good people and its brand new so you wont have people with lambos and you with a glendale hop in and try it out.


Tbf when I first joined Neptune RP I was thinking “oh this is gonna be like every other server” but to be completely honest, it isn’t, it’s way more welcoming, way more fun (in terms of, people being way more interesting to interact with), not as much of a grind to catch up to other people who have been there longer.
I’m glad to join a fresh RP server rather than one that’s been here for ages, solely because when you join a server that’s been around a while, you feel as if you are way inferior, and it’s way more of a grind… Who wants to grind for an RP? I know I don’t.
The staff are professional and the people are, in general, pretty chilled out.
If you’re looking for a server to join, I certainly recommend this server.

8/8 - IGN

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Amazing Server, Very Friendly Admins and just overall a great community to spend my time with. The Community and Staff Members are also really friendly towards others and are always willing to help. This Community is always looking for new players. So if you’re looking for a new community I certainly recommend this one. :slight_smile:

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I have been at server more than 2 weeks and still playing it, friendly staff and respectful members, I recommend this server for everyone who trying to find good rp server

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Hi i’ve been trying to join the sever, and I have joined the discord but it’s not working it says it has been rejected by fatcat09’s server.

make a support ticket in the discord :slight_smile:

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