NegativeDeadRP | Whitelisted 18+ | PD/EMS/DOJ | Serious RP for Civs and Crims | Custom Framework |

NegativeDead was established July 2019 and has expanded into an ever growing community with a focus for serious RP. We take no inspiration from other servers, we do our thing and remain unique. We have grown our server with the help of our loving and ever growing community. After reaching our first year anniversary marking the launch of our server we took the time to look back at what we have achieved and now we look to the future. That future includes YOU. We want YOU to join our 18+ community and create stories with us.
We cater to all kinds of RP with little to no restrictions, whether you want to pursue a career in policing, medical or just want to be a filthy criminal we welcome you!

Our server is based on our custom framework designed by our talented and active developers who continue to add creative additions to the server keeping it fresh and alive. Never feel alone, our hard working staff team are always on hand for help and guidance and work effortlessly to ensure the community is taken care of.

We won’t make you read a book here come try us out for yourselves.

Join our discord here:

You can find our forum here:

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Our whitelist application can be found here -

We have just opened our PD applications. Now would be a great opportunity to apply -

Recent update

Hunger and thirst (beta)

-Thirst can be maxed at 2 hours, hunger at 4, hunger will not begin to drain until thirst is empty
but having any hunger OR thirst will stave off the penalties, so if you drink, you’re good, or if you eat your good, but eating will last longer
-Crafted foods will be better than found/purchased foods, more complex crafted foods will be better than simply grilled foods(edited)
-Running, sprinting, or swimming will drain hunger/thirst twice as fast
-Running out of hunger and thirst will kill your stamina and lung capacity.
-Running out of hunger and thirst will lower the max weight you can carry before you have a chance of falling down 25%.
-Running out of thirst specifically will lower the max weight you can carry before you have a chance of falling down 5%.
-You can currently overmax your bars by drinking or getting stoned, we’ll see later if this is an issue (they only help slightly)
-Alcoholic drinks will help thirst slightly
-Getting stoned will help hunger slightly
-Logging on, or swapping to a character will reduce their hunger/thirst by half
-New characters will spawn with 100% full hunger/thirst bars


We have introduced a soft whitelisting system. The current process goes as follows.

Join discord via the link above
Go to the whitelisting channel and type !whitelist the bot will whitelist you for the server. Please note that upon using this command you agree that you have read and agreed to server rules and must follow them at all times.
This process is a temporary measure and will be changed in the future.

We have an event on the server tonight.
Come on in and join us.

Our city governor is running a golden number lotto,there are still 5 days to get tickets to win a $100k prize
.Golden number

It has been a long time coming but we are very excited to announce that reconstruction and remodeling process is nearly complete! Soon we hope to welcome you, dear friends, to partake in our beautiful selection of wines and our breathtaking views.

We’d also like to give back to our community by offering employment opportunities! We are seeking an elite staff to become a part of our family at Marlowe Vineyards. We have a variety of positions available ranging from field workers to waitstaff to security and our compensation packages are highly competitive.

Serious respondents only.
Contact Callisthene Legionnaire via email at Clayir#[email protected]

Go in elegance, friends.

-Added Dumpter diving,you can find some metal parts, and/or any one of 167 low value items we have available.(some items are marked as low value, but are actually worth quite a bit)
-Made some updates to civ jobs.
-Dirty money job values changed/increased
-Updated /hostage command to require player to have hands up
-Added /suicide command (This command will down your character)
-Added /Rack command for have /rack sg, and /rack ar
if you have one of the specified types on your body, it will put it into the trunk, it will never pull one out if you already have one on
if you do not have one on you already and there is one in the trunk it will pull from the trunk