Needs to update the game cache?


iam, trying to install the FiveReborn but it keeps saying

here the picture

its a steam copy of the game NOT a pirate, and works fine with LSPDFR,

any help would be great cheers…

Have you tried looking at step 4 on perhaps?

not yet, as that will wipe my gta for hours,

well, do so? also, ‘wiping’ - what the hell? it’ll check and redownload broken files, of which you clearly have a few, probably because you installed ‘mods’ in those files using tools that corrupt RPFs (like OpenIV).

I got the same problem

i feel as if openiv caused me to have the loading screen problem. all i did was try to install a integra mod and now itt hasnt worked since. Ive checked my integreity,reinstalled both gta and 5R no idea what to do

FiveM is saying "FiveM needs to update the game cache