Needs better roleplayers

Literally every server I go into its always the 99% of the people playing gangsta criminal dweebs.
Can this be something that FiveM could be improving?

FiveM no.
Server owners yes.


Literally every house I see is always 99% ugly.
Is this something the building material providers and tool manufactures could be improving?

Needs better servers and gamemodes, like the pinned ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Need no roleplayers*


If your looking for good role playing experience it’s not FiveM’s fault. It is something that can usually be fixed. I would recommend joining a white-listed server. One that you must sign up for and be accepted into to even join the game. This removes a lot of the randoms, trolls, ect.

Sounds like you need to join a whitelisted community.

Sounds like you need, a good gamemode!

Sounds like a personal issue. (attaching self to thread to be here when it gets locked :slight_smile:)


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I get this reference.