[NeedHelp] esx_vehicleshop Modified (bad argument #1 to 'insert')

Hello, im actualy modifying a esx_vehicleshop to a Motocycle script and as soon as i enter and press E the marker the Error: client/main.lua:194: bad argument #1 to ‘insert’ (table expected, got nil) appears. All i did is changing the vehicles and the categories, (btw i downloaded a already modified vehicleshop to motorbikes). the script is working with normal sql, as soon as i change something in the categories i get freezed bevore the menu opens. I already tried doing it on several normal vehicleshop scripts and always the same error. Hope some one can help me, thank.

Lines in main.lua
for i=1, #Vehicles, 1 do
if IsModelInCdimage(GetHashKey(Vehicles[i].model)) then
194/ table.insert(vehiclesByCategory[Vehicles[i].category], Vehicles[i])
print((‘esx_motorshop: vehicle “%s” does not exist’):format(Vehicles[i].model))

MYSQL Left: categories Right: vehicles

I already tried to find the problem here but somehow i found no solution.

This error is happening because you are missing the bmw category.
So on line 194, you are trying to insert into a table that doesn’t exist (vehiclesByCategory[“bmw”]), because that category was never created when all the others were added to vehiclesByCategory.

Simply add the bmw category to the database table and you should be good.

omg… i checked it 5 times, tried 4 hours to fix it… i should do less on the server, my brain istn working … im sorry and thank you verry much, now it works.

can i close this topic? or how does it work for the nexttime

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Hahaha you’re all good and we’ve ALL been there, many times xD
You marked it as solved, so that’s good.
Now it will close and lock itself after 1 month with no replies.
All the best! :spades:

I’m also having this issue currently but everything lines up…. No idea what else to do…

This thread was solved, but if you are having the same issue, I suggest opening a new thread, providing screenshots or code blocks like this OP did and feel free to tag me. I will help you over there, instead of hijacking this thread.

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