Need Script Ideas!

Hello there folks!
I’m starting my own tebex store and I’m curious to what people
would like to see be made so please share me all your ideas!
The more detailed the better!

As appreciation to anyone who share a script idea that I end up making,
will be receiving the script for Free :slight_smile:

Creating an in-depth, engaging, and functional warehouse management system for an MLO/IPL (Multi-Level Organization/Immersive Player-Logistics) setup, where entry requires a passcode or key, can significantly enhance the gameplay experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to developing this system:

1. Entry System

Passcode/Key Access:

  • Implementation: Ensure that the warehouse is a secure zone accessible only via a unique passcode or key. This can be achieved through script-based security or integration with existing server access control systems.
  • User Interface: Upon approaching the warehouse entrance, players are prompted to enter their passcode or use their key. If correct, the warehouse door unlocks and grants access.
  • Security Measures: Implement cooldown periods or alarms if incorrect passcodes are entered multiple times to prevent brute force attacks.

2. Warehouse Interior and Laptop Access

Interior Design:

  • Design the interior to be immersive and functional, reflecting the warehouse type. Type 1 could have drug processing equipment, while Type 2 might feature money laundering setups.
  • Position the laptop centrally or in a designated office space for easy access.

Laptop GUI:

  • The GUI should be intuitive, visually appealing, and thematic to the warehouse’s illicit activities. Use dark color schemes, minimalistic icons, and clear labels.

3. Warehouse Type 1: Drug Processing

Processing Table Purchase:

  • GUI Integration: Upon accessing the laptop, players can navigate to the “Equipment Purchase” section to buy a processing table.
  • Equipment Options: Offer different types of tables with varying costs and processing capabilities (e.g., Basic Table, Advanced Table, Elite Table).
  • Placement: Once purchased, the player can place the table within designated areas in the warehouse.

Processing Mechanism:

  • Starting Processing: Players interact with the table to start processing drugs. This could be done through an “Start Processing” button in the GUI.
  • Progress Tracking: Display a progress bar or timer indicating the current status of the processing.
  • Upgrade Options:
    • Speed Upgrade: Reduce the time required for processing.
    • Capacity Upgrade: Increase the amount of drugs processed per batch.
    • Quality Upgrade: Improve the quality of the final product, potentially increasing its value.

4. Warehouse Type 2: Money Laundering

Washing Machine Purchase:

  • GUI Integration: Similar to the processing table, players can buy a washing machine from the “Equipment Purchase” section.
  • Machine Levels: Offer different levels of washing machines with varying costs and laundering speeds (e.g., Basic Washer, Industrial Washer, Ultimate Washer).
  • Placement: Allow players to place the machine in specified areas of the warehouse.

Laundering Mechanism:

  • Starting Laundering: Players interact with the washing machine to start laundering cash. This could be initiated through a “Start Laundering” button in the GUI.
  • Progress Tracking: Implement a visual indicator for laundering progress.
  • Upgrade Options:
    • Speed Upgrade: Increase the speed of cash laundering.
    • Capacity Upgrade: Allow more cash to be laundered per cycle.
    • Efficiency Upgrade: Reduce the risk of detection or increase the percentage of clean money.
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