Need more precision of servers how will be unbanned

Hello. On this topic “Banning VPS hostings” you say that the servers of this host will be unbanned. What about other VPS host? We have machines at distance, take a lot of time to configure, set all the small details and one day you decide to block everything.

It is a big mistake to think that everyone will go to ZAP, especially those who have already paid for a year. Spending 1 week to rebuild a full server at your competitor will be more economical than going through another host, the one we operate having already proven itself over time by giving us great satisfaction.

If everything is not resolved quickly, it is a very large part of your community that risks leaving. Counting just 64 people per server and the few thousand VPS dedicated to it, the calculation on your remaining community (ZAP users) will be done quickly.

Hoping that people with a decision-making right are aware of the side effects that their risks may entail.



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If you read the post you linked, you would see it’s locked and if your provider is blocked EMAIL support and it will be unblocked if it is deemed falsely blocked. Like the lock message says, stop making new topics about blocked providers and do what the error message says (email support).

I think that @DaveDave974 intention was to provide feedback from his end that current licensing process is not clear enough and it’s causing a lot of problems, even for legit users.

Currently affected users are in lot of trouble not by their mistake and licensing terms are not being enhanced in any way for a lot of time.
Error messages that looks more like an ad and recommending only one provider won’t solve problem that users are currently having and it seems that it won’t be fixed in any way by authors.

Take for example my situation.
My customers are hurt even if IMHO I didn’t anything wrong and I carefully read the EULA.
I would gladly pay to FiveM some money to offer my customers better service regarding their GTA servers on VPS service that I provide but I don’t see that option available.
If I recall correctly I contacted staff long ago by email but without any answer, instead my customers are being banned and I know about this as a last person. It’s disappointing.


indeed, I did not speak about the fact that the waiters were banished but of the void that there is on this subject.

This means that everyone has to justify to FiveM the legitimacy of his server, which is inconceivable. There must be as many files as servers and so many people waiting for the debannissement of their server. Does FiveM have sufficient human resources to process and close all files as quickly as they would normally, while properly reviewing each file? I do not think so.

So how will they proceed? Waiting for people or debanning multiple IP ranges at the same time?

Having banned so much VPS server at the same time for simple commercial agreements suggests some doubt about the operation of FiveM and their wishes for the future towards the community.


Whate email support ?

The email is contained in the error message you receive when trying to join a blocked server.

Email support tell us to choose another host but couldn’t give us an exhaustive or non exhaustive list of the hosts respecting their purchase agreement. So we try to change our host that we use since 1 years.
The reason : “our host speak about “fiveM servers” in they advertising”… i searched but didn’t find where they speak about FiveM…

I didn’t use “FiveM” or even “GTA” keyword anywhere on my company’s website yet I heard that ban was for profiting from ads with FiveM (I’ve seen some screenshots from Discord server)

Only thing I found were guides on our forum how to install server (made by community) and those guides are ranked highly on search engine.
I guess they are just good and helping users from Google and I’m guilty of that :man_shrugging:


VPS’s and Dedicated servers are allowed just sometimes they get false banned and you got to email [email protected] with proof of root access to the server.

As long as they are not premade servers “GSP like zaphosting” its fine.

Our VPS’s aren’t a GSP server, only a simple VPS. We configured all on this VPS : opened ports, seted up all software, SSL and distant connection.

We got banned at the same times of all others and the only one reply of FiveM Support are “change host”. We asked for a list of the hosts respecting their purchase agreement and they couldn’t give us that. So NO, they didn’t unbanned all people who justify the root access of they VPS

There is no such list, since it encompasses every host which does not have pages advertising their services using the FiveM brand.

What do you expect - a list of every host in the world?

That’s not been the sole constraint for practically forever, and if GSPs didn’t start to circumvent the ToS by advertising their VPSes as ‘suited well for FiveM’ or whatever as SEO trick, this’d not be needed at all.

… what is this, a restaurant in the medieval era?


They add some VPS’s hosts in a blacklist… So it’s a list. A list who could be use to chose another VPS…

FiveM is not going to publicize the list of blocked providers because that would provide advertisement for them (again).

It’s very simple: don’t offer gameservers, install scripts or any product as “FiveM ready” “Best for Fivem” “FiveM dedicated server” etc.

If you’ve removed any mention of FiveM, let the Google page indexing to do its thing. FiveM will soon contact any providers that reach out via the email. We first have to take care of any users emailing us that were incorrectly blocked due to using some leftover IP that changed owner (very common with resellers).

To any provider reading this that has already sent an email: Yes we got it! You don’t have to send another email every hour or even have other employees reach out. One point of contact and email is enough

Like i said : Our VPS’s aren’t a GSP server, only a simple VPS. We configured all on this VPS : opened ports, seted up all software, SSL and distant connection.

We only used the FiveM server pack that we could find on “FiveM Server Page”

Then do what I said. Send an email with details of your hosting. If you’ve already sent it, wait. Give us time to reply to you. It’s common for any online appeals to take up to 5 working days.

Also if you would read the error your customers get, it never even mentions you are a GSP. It says you might be OR there was another ToS infraction like advertising your products with the FiveM brand.

is ovh block for fivem, was looking another server., not zap i dont like them

OVH is not blocked and is a very reputable host. Many players use them!

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