Need Help with the Error Code ERR_GFX_INIT

Hello Everyone ,

Im searching for a Error ERR_GFX_INIT fix im getting that error code everytime then im trying to start
Redm . It tells me i need to update my drivers or reboot . i already tried everything what i found in the forum and im getting frustraded bec nothing helped .

That are the logs from the Crash (1.9 MB)

-Im owning the Steam Version of RDR ONLINE
-I already updatet all drivers manually to the newest version and also was trying to do auto update with
Geforce experience .

  • Im able to launch the RDR 2 Online and can join in any Free Roam without any problem
  • I changed my Launcher form Vulkan to Dx12
  • My Hadware Components are better as recommend

The Complete msg of the Error msg is :
[Window Title] Error RDR2_b1436.exe+25EEDFF [Main Instruction] RAGE error: ERR_GFX_INIT [Content] A game error (at 00000001425eee04) caused the game to stop working. Failed to initialize graphics device. Please reboot or reinstall latest drivers.

I hope someone can help me

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if solved my problem by copy each redm file from my Friend who was able to launch it . i repasted each file one by one

file path C:\Users\TakeNotez\AppData\Roaming\CitizenFX\rdr3_settings where i changed everyhting

press win buttom and R together and type %AppData% and search for CizienFx

Can you maybe put those files up for Download?

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