Need help with lights flickering on whole map

Hi there, sorry I havent got any screenshots at the moment but, I have a really annoying issue. The street lights keep flickering and its really strange.

I looked through the resources and cant find which one is causing it. I tried adding 1 by 1 back in and still the same thing happens?

Please can some one suggest a few things…

Thanks in advance, I try and add some screenshots if i can capture it.


This sounds like it should be in Technical Support

Also please fill out the Support Template so we have all the information about your system, System Specifications (Graphics Card type and amount of graphics memory, would be helpful).

The flickering is a known issue in the engine, but a heavy texture load can make it much worse.

Try a basic server with vanilla GTA, rather than ones with crazy “mod” vehicles which often have ridiculous textures and see if it is better.

Turning off AA may help, if you have an NVidia card check out their Guide for GTA V

That means there’s more than 1 resource or graphics mod conflicting. Please use the search function on the forums first next time. If you have any menus other than lambda or simple trainer it conflicts with that too

I did search on the forums and this wasn’t related to any thing of what im trying to find out.

Otherwise I would have done.

How or what is vanilla? Where do I install this? Thanks in advance.

Vanilla just means without any changes. ‘Out of the box’ basically.

Ok well thanks for the help please delete this post as I have resolved it.

@bgn what did you do to resolve this?

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