Need help with function please

All off this is new to me, never coded before or had contact with coding or programing.
I´ve been reading and watching tutorials and have been able to write some simple scripts.
I´m using Essential Mode, and i´m trying to make a function that gives a certain money amount too each player online on the server every 5 minutes, i took as example the function (givePlayersMoney()) used in Freeroam GameMode and came up with this, but it doesn´t work, and the console don´t detect any errors.
Could someone with experience help me please?
Thanks, and Cheers too all Community.


function givePlayersMoney()
    SetTimeout(300000, function()
	    local identifiers = GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)
	    for i = 1, #identifiers do
		    if(Users[source] == nil)then

			   local identifier = identifiers[i]
			   local value = 500

			   TriggerEvent("es:setPlayerData", identifier, "money", + value, function(response, success)

				    TriggerClientEvent('es:activateMoney', identifier, tonumber(

					        TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', identifier, "BANK", {187, 235, 42}, "You received your salary: 500€")



Idk what the hell you are trying to do with just 1 char. of a steam hex id for it. Does the console print anything at all during this?

Thanks for your reply, it doesn´t print nothing. Still studying and trying to make it work, all of this is new to me.

Where doesnt it print at?

In the console Tyler.
Litterally nothing happens, got to study more!

No no no, where are you putting print?

Sorry Tyler idk what are you refering too, hahahahaha I still have got a lot to learn mate!

What Im saying is your logic may be off and that is causing stuff not to work.

Tyler yes, Gotta rethink this thru, thanks once againe mate!