Need help with a script I am editing xnArenaWars

Hey peeps, I am working on an edit of xnArena to allow players to actively change the ipl of the arena with a menu set to a job role. It is to make use of the 30+ interiors from the apocalypse series. Currently the script requires a restart to work proper after in game, and the IPL’s are only loading on the client of the person who loads them with the menu. I am a total novice on this stuff but I think its a good idea and the community could enjoy it! (12.9 KB)
I don’t know if i am allowed to link zips! if not Ill GitHub it.

load it, head to maze bank, use the great teleports Smallo made! once inside you will see there is an unloaded interior, Restart the script and use the numpad5 button to load the ipl you wanna see. Thanks <3 for any help

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