Need help to set global handling override on all cars

Is there anyway to set a global handling override for all cars ? I want to add a AdvancedFlag to every car but cant find a way to do it.

Here’s a way to do it.

Create a script that check if player is inside a vehicle. And if player is inside vehicle then set the meta data that you want.


	while true do
		local xPlayer = PlayerPedId()
		lolcal xVehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(xPlayer)
		local inVeh = IsPedInAnyVehicle(xPlayer)
		if inVeh then
			SetVehicleHandlingFloat(xVehicle, “CHandlingData”, “fInitialDriveforce”, 0.500000)
			--add all the meta data you want here.

Then you can add some variables and some more while loops to improve performance and such but I think you get the idea, good luck :slight_smile:

With the native “SetVehicleHandlingFloat” you can only change the class “CHandlingData” and not “CCarHandlingData” so that wont work to override the “AdvancedFlags” :confused:
Sorry if i wasnt clear what i meant in the question! Thanks for the answer tho!