[Need Help] MySQL problem with the installation of essential mode

Hello, I really need help,
I’m trying to install the essential mode : I followed this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lrHLHVE4Ro
So i install “essentialmode” and “es_admin” in the game folder as he said (and edited the citmp-server). But after i don’t understand what i’m supposed to do with the MySQL, is there something to edit like i need to put the IP of my server in the “login.lua” or somewhere else ? I’m lost.

Can someone help me or guide me to complete the installation ?
These are the errors that Putty show :

Sorry for my english and thanks for the help

Hi, do you speak english, french or deutch ?

Your mysql didn’t installed. You builded a database (ip, name bdd, root, password). Change this information in essential mod (es_admin, freeroam, essentialmod).

First : put the “example_gamemode” in your resource folder too, you need a gamemode if you want your server working

For the MySQL DB go one the MySQL website, download it and create the DB (just follow the instructions), when you did it you can enter in your DB with HeidiSQL and you will see all (follow the video for this, and you don’t care about the files you don’t have in the DB, in the video it’s an older version)

Well i put “exemple_gamemode” in the “ressouces” folder and in “citmp-server”

I did everything like in the tutorial :

First thank for this big help !
But this database is for my local server ? That is on my computer ?
How can i link it to the VPS server that i have on FileZilla ?

I’m actually working in local but I think you need to install the DB where you launch your server.

Well i will try something else if doesn’t work i call you back thank you again

it doesn’t work ^^ how can i install the DB ?
Someone have an idea ?