NEED HELP Game crashes and says GTA5 is broken

When I turn on the FiveReborn it launches but some popups comes out that my GTA5 is broken.
What is the problem of this? I checked the GTA5 without FiveReborn it launched properly.
I put the pic but its Japanese so Ill tell you what its says.
Your Game is broken,please reboot or re-install the GTA5.If you need any help please go to: (GTA5`s forum)

if you game a legit copy ?

@lordsp1ce My GTA5 is legit copy and its steam

Server mods, or client mods braking the game.

this is the file of my GTA5. Is there any problem of the mods I have?

But you didn’t have any mods in FiveR?

@KatanaDriver I don`t think I put mods for FiveReborn

Hmmm… I think you can try to clear you GTA from the mods, but I don’t know with what exactly is a problem.

@Kema Delete ALL mods(RagePlugin,Scripthook and so on)… You need to have clean GTA 5 folder or FiveR won’t work.

Clean your GTA V. Uninstall RAGE, and all other modifications and/or plugins.